Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Smokey eyes, they either add to your mystery or they glam up your look. 
Both ways, they are a giant pain in the butt to do. 
It is always a struggle to get the colour where it should be, smudges everywhere, panda-like results... the whole situation will most likely end up having you in tears and a bad mood. 
But no worries, here is a simple way to smoke things up...

I like to say that this way is the easiest and quickest. Fuss free and tear free, yaaaasss. 

Now, you can choose the go kajal (pencil) or to go cream (or for the real pro's use eyeshadow).
I like both ways, but keep in mind that cream products will usually dry quicker, so you will have to work faster to blend things out. What I like to do is: use either options as a base and add some eyeshadow on top later.

'Do you always have to use black or brown as a base?' Abso-freaking-lutely not. It is a fun way to experiment with colours; a dark gold base with a rose eyeshadow on top will give you a gorgeous rose gold smokey eye! 

First up draw a line - You don't even have to colour between the lines, let your inner toddler go wild! It doesn't matter since you will blend the line upwards. This will create the gradation from darkest at the roots of the lashes to a more smoked out towards the crease. After the first two steps, it is up to your liking to add more colour and to keep blending until your are satisfied with the gradation and result!

As I said in the beginning of the article, I like to add another eyeshadow on top. Preferably a nice shimmer to add more 'oomph' and glam. 

Tadaaaa smokey eyes and no frustrations! Easy right? Believe me, I am no professional when it comes to makeup, but I like to play around with things and this is how I like to do a quick smokey eye. Now where is my date...

How do you guys like to do a smokey eye?