Monday, March 14, 2016

Hello, it's me! A quick little update and outfit post.

Hello, it's me. You know that one girl who used to blog on a regular base? 
Yes, that one. No, I didn't die or decided to stop blogging. 
Where have I been you ask? Well, lemme tell ya...

When January came around, I found myself to be buried underneath piles and piles of notes. Law got the best of me and although I missed blogging as much as trying to stay away from chocolate, I let time and school decide what I had to do in my free time.

BUT NO MORE, haha. Exams are finished, I am slowly finding a routine amongst all my schoolwork (I started doing a 'Module in Law', so I chose one branch - damn, it's like I moved to another planet called The Library) and the creative part of me is failing. 

But during these past months, I had a lot of time to figure out what I actually want to do with my blog. I would love to start making YouTube videos in Dutch (a lot of my friends ask me for videos) and I will as soon as I manage to get my brain around editing (yes, computers are a nightmare to me).   I will still do a review now and then, but I would love to do more 'editorial' beauty pictures like I did last Summer (and I have already planned one), more outfit photos, more DIY, lifestyle,... yadiyadiyee

From now on you will find a new post on Monday. Pinkie promise.  And during the week I like to jazz up my Instagram (shannen_vdh) with a ton of pictures. 

Besides all the Coeur Belgique-promises, I will try to make the relationship I have with my bed, to be healthier. Because now it's a deserted Isle/ Paradise where Netflix and I are happily living together in the evenings. Maybe start reading a heck of a lot more books. Work out (this should be interesting), see people,... God, I sound so dramatic, but you should see me: a cinnamon bun with a laptop. 

Outfit n°1
Dress - Zara
Cardigan - CKS
Belt - H&M
Hat - CKS
Shoes - No idea, lemme check. Oh, the name has worn off...

Outfit n°2
Cape - Camel Active
Blouse - Mexx (Vintage)
Jeans - Zara
Booties - Maruti

What do you think about all the ideas that I have? What would you like to see more on my blog? 

Bisous, S. 

P.S. Next week I have something fun to share with you. Something for that thing that is always attached to mine/some ours, hand. Ta-ta-taaaaa (dramatic sounding)!

Pictures taken by St├ęphanie Morcel (instagram)