Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sneakers have been inseparable from fashionista's feed lately. Because why not? I have been waiting for this moment for ages: fashion meets sneakers. 
They are comfy, easy to throw on and give every outfit 'that something different'. I cannot live without them.
During my holiday in Patalavaca on the Canary Islands, 
I saw a gorgeous pair at Massimo Dutti. 
Since pimping up your sneakers is 'trending' right now, I thought to give my pair a makeover.

The makeover is a no-brainer, just switch up the shoelaces to some silk ribbons. No Bachelor or Masters needed, just the skills to not burn your fingers off, I'll tell you in a sec. 

I love how the sporty and casual vibes from the sneakers change when you add silk ribbons. I think it softens the whole appearance, perfect to soften a more 'edgy' outfit. 

I bought my ribbons at 'Veritas', a Belgian craft and retail store, for only €2,95 a piece. Bargain right? I chose this gorgeous copper/burnt brownish red and a dark grey with a hint of blue. Both measure 3 meters, but you only need 90 cm. If you like to tie the ribbons differently, then I would cut off 120 cm, just to be sure. When done cutting your pieces, burn each end so they won't unravel in the future.

I decided to tie them like the Massimo Dutti-sneakers are tied. Sew one side from the first hole to the last one and pull out enough to make a bow, or to tie up your shoes as you like. The other end, you keep sewing in circle-like motions through the holes. 

First of all, my shoes need some serious cleaning up, haha! But voilĂ , I love both colours and the look of them. You could go with white ribbons, but with autumn and winter coming, I wanted to play with warmer and more autumnal colours. I love how 'tough and sporty' but still 'soft and girly' they look. 

What do you think? 

P.S. Keep your eyes open for an outfit post with these babies...

Bisous S., X.