Wednesday, December 9, 2015

We all love perfume, there is no point trying to deny it. 
Ladies, we swoon if a man smells heavenly.
Gents, it adds to her whole appearance. 

A common knowledge is the fact that 'eau de toilette' doesn't linger as long as a 'eau de parfum', so often we carry our big and heavy bottle around with us. At least women do. 
Since we already have to carry enough with us in that Mary Poppins-bag of us, 
this is the ultimate gift. 
It can be personalized, it is small and doesn't weigh a kilo, it looks classy and elegant,...
 Meet Reload perfume mini-spray.
(Hint: there is a little gift at the end!)

I met the brand Reload at the annual Ici Paris XL press day and was instantly intrigued. I only knew about the 'Travalo', but never really liked the design, but still thought about putting it on my wish list. No need anymore, haha! 

I like the 'Reload' mini-spray better because of it's sleek and simple design. And because it is a bit bigger than the Travalo, it is easier to use! I mean, it doesn't feel like you are faffing around with a sample size, I always end up spraying the darn thing the wrong side or better, in my bloody eye.  

The other thing that is really cool about the Reload is the fact that you can customize the case! They have prints with zebra stripes, flowers, leather, numbers, other fun colours, ... anything you like starting from €9, 90! After going through the options thoroughly, I am guilty of putting some on my wish list.

You can not only add your own perfume, but you can try new perfumes for only €5! I am never courageous enough to step outside my beloved comfort zone, but I fell in love with the 'Ma Vie' from Boss. Since the volume is bigger than the average samples, you can actually get a good feel with the perfume instead of your "2 day trial". 

There are two ways to fill the spray with your desired perfume. This is the first way: by taking the lid off your big bottle, you can (if it fits) put the reload spray on top and pump the perfume inside!

BUT if that doesn't work, as in my case, you get this little white funnel which you put on top off the Reload mini-spray and you spray your perfume in the funnel! It may take a bit longer, but at least you can take any perfume you like with you. 

I really really like the Reload perfume mini-spray. It is easy to use, lays beautifully in your hand (has a nice weight to it), it is very clear where the perfume will get out, you can customize and try new perfumes,... and so much more. You may think, this is all very nice but the Travalo is still tinier. I hear you, but at least this one looks a lot more elegant and my guess is that classy men will prefer to carry around a nice mini-spray. By the way, the Travalo doesn't give you the option to try new perfumes or doesn't give you another option when your darn perfume won't fit. 

Because I liked it that much, Reload gave me a coupon code which will give you €5 off your order! All you have to do is:
1. Go to 
2. Choose your mini-spray and one or more perfumes
3. Go to the check-out
4. Fill in the code: R1HHEU7t
5. Pay and enjoy your Reload perfume mini-spray.
6. Come back to add more cases to your collection. One for every occasion, right? 

P.S. Which is your favorite design?

Bisous, S. 
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