Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the nicest cheekbones of them all?
Will it be the power of Maybelline? Or will it be none at all?

I can't help it, but to go and buy the products Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup recommend.
I know, no spine. But hey, she is always on point with her recommendations, 
or isn't she?

This is me without any contour. And for your information, I only shizzle ma cheekbones.
As I already explained in my 'How to Contour'-post (here), you preferably need a ashy greyish contour shade. 

The product comes in two shades: Light and Dark. I got Dark since the lightest shade, seemed a bit too light (what a great explanation, congrats to me). I am not so keen on the highlight, far too glittery for me, BUT the contour shade is what it is all about...

As you can see on the picture it is not the ashiest of options, but a little warmth never hurt anyone.

Contour done, using the brush that comes with the product! I have to admit that I love the finished result. Doesn't it actually look natural? 

The contour is easy to apply and is not super chalky. Anna did not like the brush, since it was too harsh for her liking. I, however, have no issues with the brush. Sure, it may not be a bunnies tail, but it lays easy in the hand and gives a nice contour. Plus, after a few washes the bristles soften!

I really, really like the Maybelline Master Sculpt. I bought mine at Kruidvat for €13, if I remember correctly! You may think, 'Oooh, €13 is a lot', but don't forget you actually get a lot of product for the price. And for as far as I know, you don't have to bathe your face in it.

Have you tried the Master Sculpt yet, what where your thoughts? Which product do you like to contour with?