Sunday, April 12, 2015

Whenever Spring or Summer come around, my focus goes to bright lips and full lashes.
I am one of those girls who spends 10min on her lashes. Now that the first sun rays have reached Belgium and I don't feel like coating my lashes a gazillion times, I gave this combo a go...
Will it give me longer and thicker lashes? 

 I already gave the Essence Lash Base a go (post), which is a creamy version. This time I will give a fiber version a go.

First time I saw the brush, I was definitively intimidated. Those fibres could cost my eye, or that's what I tought. The description on how to use this mascara was pretty clear: one coat of black mascara, than the fibers and than another coat of black mascara. Let's do this...

As you can see: it does what it promises to do. I don't have long lashes, but with the right mascara I can give them more length. Before I apply my mascara, I always curl my lashes. I know, it looks like a torture device, but believe me, it does wonders for opening those eyes and creating length. 

I recently bought the MaxFactor False Lash Effect and I am in love. It gives me great length and that hint of volume where I want it to. But, as I already said, my summer resolution is big fat lashes. 
As I applied the fiber mascara, it felt a bit scary, you definitively have to get used to it. I found that the fibers were not so hard to apply and layering was also child's play. In these pictures, I only applied one coat of fibers, but you can definitively build those fibers up (one coat fiber, one coat mascara etcetera). 

When I came down, my mom asked if I was wearing false lashes, so mission accomplished!

The verdict? This fiber wonder is in my daily routine recently. It is easy to use, foolproof and does give me those big fat lashes! PLUS I prefer this one over the creamy Essence base. As I remember correctly, you can buy this gem for €3.50, I guess. 

So if lashes are a big deal or pain the butt too, I should definitively check this Lash Boost out!