Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hi, my name is Shannen and I have non-existing brows. They are practically invisible. 
Plus I have two completely different shapes,
which makes doing my brows at 6.30 am like doing difficult math exercises: HARD. 
I love colouring, but I have never been a prodigy. My lines are most of the time related, but no twinsies. But isn't that the motto for brows,
"Brows are sisters, not twins,"? 

So you are warned: No genius skills, just some kindergarten skills and a brow mascara...

I have two different shapes because I have a scar crossing one of them. This means that this scar is like an abandoned place where no hair can grow. Or will grow, sights. The struggle is real people, I don't need Cara Delevigne brows, but just a little more beef perhaps?

It sounded utterly ridiculous a mascara for your brows. Come on marketing, make us buy unnecessary products. And now I have to admit my defeat. When the 'Pixiwoo' Sisters expressed their love for this little ball of brow goodness, they got me curious. Yes, I was scared to miss this out. So I grabbed my purse and bought one for €9,99. And this is what I think of it...

As you can see, I am in no way a dramaqueen. I have not much of a brow and now that I see them in close-up, I need to put 'Go get your damn brows done' on my to do-list. On the second picture I filled them in with the Essence Brow Powder to give them some life and shape. On the third picture I brushed some Maybelline Brow Drama through my brows.

As you can tell, my brows look much more natural when I apply the brow mascara. The bristles grab every hair and coat them. It also really helps to keep them in place! They don't hurt, they don't feel sticky and yes, I really like it. Damn it. It felt like such an stupid extra step, but I have been using it every day. 

The brush did scare me at first, because I have really thin brows and I didn't feel like coating my freshly applied BB Cream instead of my brows. But it is actually really easy to handle and use! 

The verdict? I feel like it is pretty clear that I really like this product! It really helps me to get beefier brows, who still look 'natural' and not drawn on. Plus I like to focus more on lashes, brows and lips for the upcoming Summer, perfect. Sooooo, yeah... Get away from your laptop, grab €10 and go buy it!

P.S. Do you like my new sunglasses? I am in loooove