Thursday, April 16, 2015

Oh Spring, the season that forces me to wear a bit more colour.
I am still not ready to give my grey-black-white-outfits up, but the sun is shining, I buy fresh flowers instead of candles and I crave bright lips.
A lot of beauty bloggers are doing a brown eyeshadow with smudged blue eyeshadow/ eyeliner on the bottom lashes, BUT you can do so much more.
So these are my easy breezy beautiful Covergirl, spring appropriate makeup looks. 

Lets' start easy and classic; a bright lip. I wear bright lips almost every day! I am especially in love with this Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Peach Club. It is matte, so no worries about food and drinks getting the colour off. Plus it is this gorgeous coral peach. The perfect transitioning colour to Summer!

A bit bolder, is colour in the inner tear duct. I love this bright orange by Catrice (Carrots Of The Caribbean). Orange and blue eyes are a perfect match! This demands a little bit more 'balls', but honestly I adore this option! It is so easy and really is that 'pop of colour'.

If you don't feel comfortable to rock colour in your inner tear duct, than just pop some colourful eyeliner on the waterline!

Another bold option is colourful eyeliner! I already did two looks with colourful eyeliner; neon yellow (post) and a blue Chanel inspired eyeliner look (post). What I did here was letting a stunning turqouise fade into the darker blue eyeliner by Essence. A little ombré eyeliner action going on! Again very easy and gorgeous effect, if you ask me!

What are your favourite spring changes concerning makeup?