Sunday, April 19, 2015

As I am sitting on my bed, sipping from my new and ├╝ber cute mug that says 'I'm a BIG cup for a rainy day' (forget the fact that it is Spring already, but this is Belgium, so you are never sure...), 
I am already dreadfully counting the minutes to my weekly clean-them-brushes.
I just did my nails, ugh, girl problems indeed. BUT that is not what my post is about! 

These 5 brushes could be the only ones you need to apply your makeup. WHUT?! YES! ONLY 5. 

We will start from left to right;

Essence Powder Brush (+- €4) // This brush is fluffy, has synthetic hairs, isn't too big and works really well. I have used this brush for powder, bronzer, contour (just squish it too a flatter form), blush, blending everything together,... It is a true multitasker. One note: if you do decide to multitask it for a bunch of things, see that your brush is semi-clean for every task.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (I don't remember but around €15) // THE RT. All their brushes are amazing and almost every beautylover has them. They are easy to use, do their job perfectly and even professional MUA use them. I use this brush to blend out my base (BB Cream or foundation) and concealer. I have even used this brush to blend out my contour!

HEMA Fluffy blending brush (+- €3) // I have a ton of HEMA brushes! They were the first with the Essence ones to join the family. They are super affordable, but actually do their job. They may not be the best, for example blending your crease is a bit more tricky with this one, but for the last and final blend it is superb. I like to use this brush to powder under my eyes or for more precise setting. I have also used this one to contour, but I have moved on to the next one...

HEMA flat eyeshadow brush (+- €3) // This one is soooooo soft. I have never really used it for applying eyeshadow, more for applying eyeshadow under the brow. A few weeks ago I decided to do a little experiment: use it to make my contour lines to get them sharper and cleaner. Well, it definitively passed the test for sure, because I have been using it ever since for that! But you can still use it for applying eyeshadow or even blending your eyeshadow together!

HEMA pencil brush (+- €3) // Perfect for that inner corner highlight, under the brow, cleaning up your lipstick,... I have even used it for more precise highlighting. Since the brush is very flat, I have even used it to help me apply darker lipsticks. Not exactly what it is for, but hey, rebel over here.

A lot of people use their hands for their base, concealer, eyeshadow, blush,, highlighter,... but fingers can only go that far. Sometimes you just need a brush for the perfect finish and application. I am guilty of taking more brushes on holiday, but maybe next time I should try to take only these. Yes, the luxury life having more brushes than you need (and I still want more)! 

Quick tip: Clean your brushes weekly! I did a whole blog post on how I like to clean my brushes here

I am curious to what your musthave brushes are, so be sure to tell me in the comments below!