Sunday, April 26, 2015

'Let's see what all the fuss is about', is the first thing I said when I walked into a DI. 
Than I saw the price, 'Wow, €15.99, it better be magical'.
Don't get me wrong, I don't mind paying that extra bit  for a good product, but what if it's a waste of money? And come on, 24H matte?
You just ask me to be sceptical.

First things first: I have oily-combination skin, but from the moment the oils come to the surface... it's just bad. I have a compact mattying powder living in my handbag, 'cause the grease is real people. And yes, I do love a good dewy look, but when you look like a deep fryer, you got to get your sh*t together, excuse the language.

I heard so many good things about this foundation and all my favourite Youtubers and beautybloggers are raving about it. Since the sun is coming out and the temperature is slowly rising, my skin get's more oily. So Bye Bye Bourjois Healthy Mix and perhaps Hello to the Infallible 24H - Matte...

It says that the foundation has medium texture and is high coverage. That scared me, I don't need high coverage, do I? 

When I squize a little on the back of my hand, I notice how 'light and fluffy' it is. As I apply it onto my face with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and start blending, it evens out my complexion nicely. It doesn't feel heavy or like it will clog my pores and it smoothes and blends easily! 

I was so scared to apply too much the first time, so I had to build it up on some places. But I got to admit, you can easily build op your coverage this way without it looking cakey! Hooray!

Left: bare skin - Right: one layer

I have to say, I love the finished look. My skin doesn't look flat or dull, the foundation isn't like a mask. I would describe the finish as 'matte but with a healthy look', you can see a little sheen on the right places!

I tested this bad boy out on a busy and hot day. The result? I stayed really matte for the entire day and I was sweating like a piglet from running around with 3 heavy bags. I did powder my T-zone a little, just to be sure, but I did not have to re-powder during the day at all. I am impressed. 
I didn't feel uncomfortable or felt like it was obvious that my foundation was 'higher coverage'. Perfect for hot and busy days!

My skin feels soft after everything has set and I don't feel like the foundation breathes in the wrong way, I have no problem with oxidation!

There are 6 shades available at the drugstore (Kruidvat, Inno and DI). I am shade '20 Sand' and it matches me perfectly! You should definitively give this one a go! Even Youtubers with dry skin love this foundation, so it is a winner for everyone!

I wouldn't wear it on a daily base, since I like to wear a BB be honest, it looks good, not heavy and yes ofcourse, a BB Cream is way lighter than a foundation will ever be. So maybe, I might change things up on a daily base when the sun decides to stay over here!

Have you tried it out yet, if so, what is your opion?