Thursday, April 23, 2015

I feel like I have known Vicenta my entire school life, and less is true.
I remember we made 'lunch' once, using her porcelain and we served wet lettuce and sandwiches with butter. We were so young...
The day we took pictures, it had been a while, but she's still that goofy, happy and incredibly stylish girl who she always has been.

Vicenta has always had this special feel for styling pieces together. Good quality mixed with more on trend pieces, but always leaving her signature. I don't know how to describe her style to be honest, it is just 'Vicenta'. I have always admired her sense for style, rocking the most cool and unique pieces. 

But still, let me give it a shot: I would describe her style as a very clean and almost basic base to work with and than she adds all these unique elements and details to it. She always looks stylishly comfortable! 

As she said afterwards: she puts a lot of thought into her outfits. She loves finding that one pricey item, that she'll wear the rest of her life.Which is a nice philosophy, one I am trying to add into my life. 

Me, I am a huge fan of black and white outfits. The more monochrome, the merrier. I love how she gave the classic button down, that much more punch by adding leather trousers and gorgeous leather boots. But by adding red details, it made the look so much more interesting, it got so much more dimension. The bomber jacket helps to casual down the look, and make it more 'approachable' and less 'too put together'. 

What more can I say, I love her style. Each time, again and again. She always finds a way to turn certain styles, to her own. One day she'll be rocking that jeans and comfy jumper look and the other she'll be roaming the streets in a kaki A-line skirt, long socks, boots, mustard jumper and nice blouse. But it will always be Vicenta, it just fits the picture.

As we were walking towards the spot, we were talking 'Fashion'. I feel like she would do incredible in that branch. She has that Fingerspitzengef├╝hl when it comes to finding that one unique piece. Because often she would wear something, that I am 100% sure of I would never be able to put of! But again, she is the best example how styling around or with a piece can make the shoe fit.

The Details //
Boots - AF Vandervorst
Trousers - Zara
Bomber jacket - H&M Studio
Shirt - Zara
Scarf - G-Star
Gloves - Bought in Rome, Italy
Bag - Keep That Dog Out