Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yesterday, I had my first ever Press Days and this is what I wore!
I got this jumpsuit from Zara last Decemeber for my birthday, but never really found a way 'till now to wear it more 'casual' instead of full on 'party suit'.
Read further for my little journey...

God, I was so intimidated when I walked in at my first location, Oona Antwerp (website - instagram). Thank goodness, I met two lovely girls outside from 'Modenation' (instagram Farah) and they sort of took care of me. Btw they were gorgeous!

I was so happy when the outfit in my head came to life! Now that I found another way to wear this gem, it will be worn out soon, haha!

My clean white sneakers are from Mango and were only €49.99!! They are still available here.

At the second event at PR Style (website - Facebook), I lost my heart for some (read: all of them) BODO Jewels (instagram). They remind me a lot of Mr. Kate! I really really want 'The Fox'! And did you know that Emma Gelaude (instagramis the face? 

But it is there that I met An-Katrien from Teacups & Dresses (website - instagram) - she is so sweet and I loved her outfit - and I also met Leila from Leopard and Lipstick (website - instagram)! 

Outfit Details //
Jumpsuit - Zara
T-shirt - C&A
Sneakers - Mango
Blazer - Zara
Bag - Longchamp

P.S. Thanks Chummy for taking the pictures!

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