Wednesday, March 18, 2015

First of all: Excusez-moi for the lack of posts, but my laptop was hell
and I had a busy week last week!
Second of all: Can someone please take my money away from me?
Look at the damage, what is wrong with me?
BUT on the other hand, I LOVE EVERYTHING THAT I BOUGHT (read obsessed with).
Please, SEND HELP.

I blame beauty bloggers for my I-am-so-broke-at-the-moment moment: VeraCamilla made my buy the Essence Easy 2 Use Eyeliner Pen plus the Catrice Pure Shimmer Highlighter Limited Edition in Nude Purism and Suzie, Alix, Lily, Amelia and Anna are responsible for the Hourglass Blush Dupes, the Max Factor Creme Puff Blushes, the feels. The lipliners and two new gems from Bourjois were bought at my own need and instant love. 

I didn't need any of these products, but just look at them. Aren't they gorgeous? I am falling in love all over again, haha!

I have to say, I am pretty obsessed with these. The last two weeks were all about my Max Factor Creme Puff Blushes in Alluring Rose and Lovely Pink. As I have never touched a Hourglass Blush before, I can't confirm the rumor that these gems are dupes. But still, they are very pigmented, baked, gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous. You NEED these blushes in your life. They give a nice sheen and glow to the face and are easy to apply. As you can see on the picture with the swatches, they are very glowy! The price of these? For €12,95 you can bring one home.

Let's start with the Catrice Pure Shimmer Highlighter in Nude Purism, shall we? This highlighter costs roughly €4 and is here to change your life and glow. Who doesn't love some J.Lo-Glow? In my last Favourites I was all about this bronze-golden highlighter, but oh boy this is a Champagne Goddess over here. It is so subtle, soft and when it catches the light... absolutely stunning. So get your bum to a Catrice counter and buy it (no seriously, you need this). 

When I see my chummy, she (almost) always rocks that eyeliner. I get jealous, I can't even colour between the lines (slight exaggeration)! SO when Vera Camilla did a whole blog post about this little pen and how it is a good dupe for the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, I had to try it. I have to admit, it is jet black and actually really easy 2 use (Go Essence!). So Chumm: Let the Eyeliner Games begin...

I already had one of the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte Finish Liquid Lipstick in Pink Pong, but when I saw the 2 for €15 sign at the Bourjois counter, my hand arm rapidly turned into a swatch/ colouring book. I decided to go with Peach Club and Olé Flamingo, which is a warmer pink than the Pink Pong one. I used to say that the smell turned me off, but I am too obsessed with them now to care, oops. Although they are as matte as you can get, they don't dry out my lips and stay all day. The dofa applicator is easy to use and has the perfect size for my small lips. Olé Flamingo is a blueish vibrant warm pink and Peach Club is this heavenly vibrant coral shade: both gorgeous for Summer for €14,90.

The Essence Lipliners come for €0.99! They are creamy, easy to use, stay and make your lipstick go one smoother and last longer! And I absolutely love the colours! MUSTHAVE.

What are your favourites from the drugstore?