Sunday, March 22, 2015

Brushes, the foundation to our makeup application.
Although they are probably our best friends, they can rapidly turn into your worst enemy.
Clean brushes aren't only hygienic, but they also prevent those little white-headed bastards from stopping by. Yes, we are talking acne and other skin issues. 
This is my quick cleaning routine!

As I already wrote above, cleaning your brushes is essential when you wear makeup daily. The bristles get clogged with product, dust and bacteria. If you are prone to acne, or even if you are not: you should clean your brushes weekly. You don't wear the same outfit for an entire week, do you?

What you will need:
1. Your dirty brushes;
2. Baby Shampoo; because it is mild and very gentle on the bristles. 
3. Cotton cloth/ Towel.
4. Hands

Step 1 - Get your work station ready // Place everything so it is easy for you to reach. If you have a lot of brushes: put on some music or watch some YouTube videos whilst cleaning. Makes the job so much easier!

Step 2 - Wet the brush and get a little soap on your fingers // I like to wet my brush a little before I start cleaning my brush. It is very important that you never hold your brush completely straight! Always in a angle! Why? The water might loosen up the glue if the entire brush gets wet.

Step 3 - Start swirling and rubbing! // Why use your fingers? There are rubber mittens with little spikes available, but your fingers also have definition. If you are cleaning a larger brush, I find it helpful to use the palm of my hand as well!

Step 4 - Rinse! // When your brush is soaked in soap and clean, just rinse the brush under some water to get all the soap out! I like to rinse and than swirl my brush in my hand again without water, to check if there is still soap on the bristles.

Step 5 - Extract all the water // I like to do this because my brush will dry quicker! I take the bristles thightly between my fingers and start whirling the brush slowly between my fingers. 

Step 6 - Extra dry brush // I like to swirl my brush on the towel, like towel drying your hair. 

Last step (7) - Let them dry! // I place my brushes in alternate direction to dry. It is important that you leave them 'hanging' over an edge, this way they will dry and maintain their shape!

Voila! No more dirty brushes and cleaner skin!

How do you like to clean your brushes?