Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Do I dare to say: arty? Elien to me is the perfect combination of now and back then, mature and playful, but never too serious. She's a little bubble, light to be with. 
Not only her choice of clothing is what inspires me, but also her personality.
So Elien, you cheeky monkey, here you go. 

Elien is such a positive spirit, a person who stands out in the crowd. When her boyfriend and mother organised a surprise party, she didn't even realise it was for her as well untill we yelled her name. Who wouldn't be surprised when a bunch of girls are suddenly standing there between your family?  But hey, that is another story.  

Her style is very much how she is; down to earth. Not too much fuss and trends, just simplicity and almost comfortable. A big slouchy knit paired with vintage dressed pants and sneakers, gorgeous, yet comfy. Or an elegant, yet simple, summer dress with a classic pair of sandals. That's why I want to say that her style is almost artistic: she would blend right in in Montmartre Paris one day and the next day in a Scandinavian country. Basic and versatile, these are key. 

Texture, quality and fabric over what is trending right now. Good basic pieces are staples in your wardrobe. Elien loves playing with those; why not a classic fit pants in this stunning warm 'knitted' burgundy? Or a fun Spring colour? 

I can feel her rolling her eyes and waving the compliments away whilst she thinks: "I'm not even that busy with what I wear or how I look like." Well Elien, one last compliment: you are a natural beauty then. 

This necklace is a gift from her friends; classic, easy to wear and beautiful. She loves this necklace, and she has every right to! 
That is what I learned from Elien; to find more classic pieces and not in particulary in black, white or grey. Play with colours, textures, details,... but keep a clean base. 

Outfit Details //
Pants - Ganni
Top - Pieces
Coat - Sessùn
Shoes - Nike Roshe
Necklace - Anne Zellien