Sunday, November 2, 2014

Oh October, you have been all over the place past month. Warm, cold, rainy,... you have had it all.
Oh October, month of many spendings and many birthdays. Late nights and early mornings.
Too much food and far too less water. 
Yep, October you have been keeping me very busy.


Like I already said, I have seen many parties with a lot of food and alcohol. So it was very important to stay hydrated! Since it is getting a little colder, I have been loving my cuppa' tea! 

The Lipton Herbal Infusion Morocco Mint and Spices has been the perfect pick-me-up in the morning! My sleepy head would awaken much faster due to the mint (very fresh!), but the warmth of the spices added, would keep me very comfy and warm at the same time! 

My other favourite tea has been the Lipton Earl Grey Asian Tea with Bergamot Notes. It has such an interesting mix of flavours; bitter but also sweet in a way. The perfect cup of tea when I was watching a movie or when I was studying... Even before bedtime!

I have very dry skin, so staying moisturized and smooth is a top priority beauty task! Plus, if I want to maintain my tan, I have no other choice than to lather myself in tons and tons of body butter! Normally I stock up on the Bodyshop Body Butters during the sales, but I haven't last time, oops. Since they are kind of on the pricier side of the moisturizing spectrum,  I decided to try the Kruidvat Olive&Macadamia Body Butter. It has a very soft and fresh scent! I think I am a convert! For only €2.39 you get 200ml of this goodness! It sinks in way faster than the Bodyshop ones and is as moisturizing and long lasting! 

Not only my body needed some extra loving, but with all the late nights and early risings, my face needed it too. Believe me, wearing makeup for almost 16h a day, isn't exactly what my skin signed up for. After watching Lisa Eldridge's (love her!) video about her facial massage routine (link here), which you all MUST see, I decided to get circling and pressure pointing myself. Laying in a warm bath with some relaxing music, I started to massage my face with the 100% Pure Coconut Oil from Yari. God, it feels soooo nice! I started doing this twice a week, or whenever I felt like doing it, and my skin has been absolutely loving it! No acne during my period, no crazy dryness, no agitation due to the lack of sleep,... my skin has never been so on top! 

My makeup storage finally exploded, so I had to find something to fix my ever growing need for makeup. Not so much that I need it, but more because I like it, girl issues. I bought a new old suitcase (the background ;)!) and started reorganizing all the things I have to slather on my face. 

This L'Oréal Nailpolish in Beige Boheme has not left my fingernails for the past two weeks. It is such an interesting mix of shades; brown, nude, dusty pink,... just a warm colour perfect for autumn!

A lot of parties means a lot of playing around with eye makeup! My best friend this month has been the MUA Undressed Palette! Just look at this gem, every girl should have this palette! Gorgeous pigmentation, beautiful colours and the eyeshadows are soft as butter and sooooo easy to use!

Okay, I know that my skin has been very good, but just to have one colour on my face instead of the leftovers from my tan, I decided to use my BB cream a lot more. With BB cream and oily skin, comes a good compact powder to keep everything in place and to stop the disco ball I turn into... I have been loving this Catrice Multi Colour Compact Powder in Rose Beige. It adds a little bit more coverage (soft pinkish) and keeps my makeup set for the day.

Autumn and Winter are so dull when it comes to the weather, that I need some glow to lighten my day up! I have been using this Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Bikini-Tini, a golden pearly colour, perfect to catch the last sunbeams!

As I already told you a million gazillion times, I love dark autumnal lips and this Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipstick in Plum&Base has been my creamy dark friend. The lipstick smells like vanilla, has gorgeous packaging and it so easy to apply! It really stays on for a long time since it has a creamy consistency, but when dabbed onto the lips, it becomes a more matt lip option!

If I don't want to rock a dark vampy lip, I have been loving this soft pink in Floral Coral. It is such a sweet pink colour and very subtle! A perfect pink nude lip!

What are your favourites for this month?