Sunday, October 12, 2014

Having a blog is a lot of fun, takes a lot of time and you got to have a lot of inspiration to stay creative. I too have the occasional  moment where a black ink stain covers my creative part of my brain, not so helpful though.
Talking to friends, their questions, Instagram (I have like a million screenshots) , other bloggers, YouTube and especially ELLE MAGAZINE are my favourite sources for ideas.
I am slowly building a huge collection of ELLE MAGAZINES over the entire surface of my room. It was getting a little difficult to keep track of all the pages that inspired me, so I decided to get scrapbooking...

I love reading ELLE MAGAZINE, I have told you that a million times already. In Belgium we get the Belgian and the Dutch ELLE, so double trouble! Whilst browsing the shiny colourful pages, I am ready with my pen to point out to myself what I like, or I'll just mark the page by folding the corner. When I am done and my little bible of inspiration and gorgeousness has a lot of folded corners, I am a happy girl!

When almost the entire month's issue is marked with folded corners, I will just keep the magazine in one piece, but when I have a few, I will gently rip the pages out and start scrapbooking. I bought this blank book in a 'bookstore/ craftstore' and thought it would be perfect for my purpose. Ready with glue and colourful pens, I started to make collages and make notes why I loved the picture. 

It is such a fun way to get creative and to get inspired! Sometimes I just love how they styled an outfit, and I will go to my closet and start playing around. Some things never change, I always liked dressing myself up when I was younger.
Or when I browse the beauty pages, hungry for gorgeous runway looks, and find an amazing makeup look, I will get all of my makeup out or go to the store to find the things I need to recreate the look, haha!

In secundary school I always loved art class, making collages was my favourite thing to do! It is such an easy way to make your own Inspiration Bible, all the things you like, kept in one book. I remember making a lot of these sort of books as birthday presents for friends, filled with pictures and little messages. I have always been a fan of writing (I have a lot of journals/diaries) and keeping track of life. For me, this is the adult version!

What inspires you? How do you keep track of it?