Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Portrait will be a new segment coming to Coeur Belgique, where I will portray friends of mine who inspire me. Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, personality,... a bunch of things! 

Pauline is one of my best friends. She does not only have a natural feel for styling pieces together, but also has a very positive and bubbly mindset. She is my little Sincerely Jules!
The way she dresses, is a reflection of her personality;
Casual flirts with Bohémien or Parisien Chique.

A lot of the times we pick the same pieces of clothing whilst shopping, haha! Where it gets interesting is how we style those pieces. I would describe my style as casual with eye for detail or sometimes more streetstyle-like, whereas Pauline always finds a way to incorporate a fling of boho or some Parisien Chique in her outfit. 

Her fluffy vest and bag are trending this upcoming autumn and winter!

Because she styles/ wears the pieces, we both love differently, is the reason why she inspires me. It makes me want to play around with it more and find new ways to wear my clothes (or buy the same as hers ;)! ).

I love how she layers her bracelets! I am more the necklaces-kind of girl, haha! She always talks about her habit of wearing new pieces of jewelry to death, to not wear them anymore in two months time! 

Outfit details//
Vest - Sienna & Lois (Boutique in Antwerp)
T-shirt - Vila Clothes
'Biker' Pants - Zara
Shoes - H&M
Bag - H&M (Still in store!)
Watch - Fossil
Bracelets - Supertrash / Wouters & Hendrix / Twice as Nice / Jeweller
Necklace - France