Wednesday, October 15, 2014

As I wave the Summer days goodbye, I can't wait to get all my autumnal colours out. Autumn is by far my favourite season; the colours, the weather (cold, but not too cold! I love layering clothes...) and even the food changes! Greens, reds, purples, blues,... will soon take over our makeup as we get ready to fall in autumn.


Black nail polish - Long Lasting Nailpolish Hema in 41 // I love black nail polish and no, I don't have an explanation to why. Hema nail polishes are amazing! They are long wearing and you only need two coats. This black beauty has little silver sparkles, gorgeous!
Essence Colour & Go - 111 English Rose // Another brand with awesome nail polish! This dusty, yet warm, pink is perfect for autumn. Classic colour, yet different and just so romantic...
Essence Colour & Go - 139 Walk On The Wild Side // Army green meets feminine, a true army green (trendy colour for autumn) with a hint of dark green sparkles. As I am not that stereotypical girly when it comes to colours, but also not a big fan of the heavy duty dark colours, this is the perfect meet-me-halfway!

Biocura - 402 (Cherry Red) // When autumn falls, cherry reds rule the nails. That is just a fact. There is just something about this warm and dark colour, maybe because it remembers me of a fine red wine?

Catrice Nail Lacquer - UpperWILDside // A gorgeous bluish green, not too warm but also not too cold. I think this is a colour situated between Summer blues and the cold or darker Winter blues, perfect for autumn! Again long lasting and only two coats needed!


Catrice Defining Blush - 060 Rosewood Forest // This was in my autumn-needs last year and in many makeup looks. I adore this blush, a dark dusty rose to enhance the natural flush we get from the wind. Catrice decided (foolishly) to take this gem out of their standard collection, which still hurts btw since I didn't manage to get a back-up... Oh, sad the days will be without my love...


MUA - Undressed // Soft as butter with gorgeous pigmentation (except for the two matt colours). Basically a all-year-rounder when it comes to musthaves. I haven't used this palette in many makeup looks yet, but soon that will change...

NYC Individual Eyes: Green - 943 Smokey Greens // I do not have green eyes, but come on, this palette is stunning. Good pigmentation and yes, a little fallout, but sooo worth using! When I am in the need of something purple, this is the palette I fall for.


Bourjois Color Edition 24H - 05 Prune Nocturne // I am not completely sold when used as the only eyeshadow, but as a base for others, perfect! A warm burgundy with golden sparkles...

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24H - 35 On And On Bronze // It is safe to say that everybody who ever used this cream eyeshadow, is in love. What's not to like? Very soft, pigmented, metallic shine, warm bronze colour,... and so on! Subtle and elegant when worn alone, but also amazing when used as a base!


Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil - 18 Berry Merry // A burgundy with a purple undertone and golden sheen. I have really oily eyelids and whenever I use this pencil as a eyeliner, it will not move! 

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil - 12 I Have A Green // It is almost a Christmas green, but whatever, this beauty is totally autumnal as well! 


Catrice Absolute Eye Colour - 570 Plum Up The Jam // Not so pigmented, but perfect if you want a sheer wash of purple of your eyelid or to blend other colours.

Catrice Matt velvet Eyeshadow - 040 Al Burgundy // I am obsessed with these eyeshadows, they are crazy pigmented! This dark purple is the night-out colour! But I am pretty sure I would (I already have) wear this during the day as well...

Catrice Matt Velvet Eyeshadow - 030 Jump Up And Brown // A cool brown with a slight olive undertone. This is my switch-up with the Maybelline Color Tattoo in On And On Bronze when I feel like rocking the colder colours! It is true that warm bronze colours make blue eyes pop more, but I also really like the effect of more cooler colours paired with blue gems...

What are your absolute favourites for autumn?