Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I have been stu-DIE-ying this month, which means not a lot of makeup to love and discover.
I know, I know, it is a second chance, but still hello social contact? I still happened to have a few cheeky social night outs with friends, hooray!

A lot of days spend in my pj's, not even bothered to do my skincare, soooo hello pimples... My best friend went to Sri Lanka for a entire month (how cruel of her), but she did make up by buying me this ST. YVES APRICOT SCRUB! Best friend ever. The scrub is really creamy and gentle! The scrub doesn't contain too much exfoliating particles, so you won't rub your skin. Soft care, best care! 

Although I didn't have too much reasons to leave the house, I still had to shave and wash my hair to feel somewhat 'human', haha! I have been loving coconut oil to shave, as a hair mask, to cleanse my skin & to moisturize! I am not the biggest fan of the infamous coconut scent, so I was a bit hesitant to try the oil-version... All fear for nothing, it is odorless! PLUS it even breaks down waterproof mascara!

Buying this blush as a present and keeping it for private use, oops. I didn't need another orange/coral blush, but a girl got needs, right? I heard so much good about MUA makeup and felt the urge to try this blush in No 4! Well, it happened to be flush at first sight! Perfect to enhance your natural flush and warm things up in the crease! And as soft as butter... (€4)

At a birthday party a few months ago, one of my close friends came in with long and fluttering eyelashes. OK, she has natural Bambi-eyes, but still I was impressed! So the makeup-lover in me had to ask her; FALSE LASH WINGS in MIDNIGHT BLACKS from L'OREAL (also know as the Butterfly Mascara). When my One by One mascara (Maybelline) died on me, I decided to pick this beauty up. Blackest black, gives length and does give the volume I want, jackpot! Plus, the brush is just gorgeous and really easy to handle! Even the tube lies perfectly in your hand! (€16)

For these poor moments of social contact, I decided to 'umph-up' my makeup with some sheer metalic copper tones. Yep, everything to get out of the pj-blues! I forgot how gorgeous the colour is and how easy use these pencils are! Stay tuned for the makeup I am currently loving with this magical metalic pencil! (€4)

The CATRICE RETOUCH LIGHT- REFLECTING CONCEALER PEN in LIGHT BEIGE, that's a mouthful! I read a review on COCOGOLD.NL and was immediately intrigued. Not only does it have gorgeous and sleek packaging, it is also a non-cakey liquid concealer. Perfect to highlight and conceal my dark under eyes! (€4)

Second floor Primark Rotterdam, I will never forget where I saw this gem. Such a fun design and easy to style. This clutch/small bag has an muted animal print design, non-tacky and elegant! So far I have been looking at it, decorating my room! But I am pretty sure, this gem will be going with me on my beach holiday!

What were/are your favourites?