Sunday, August 31, 2014


Nuts for Coconut Oil, it has been doing wonders, indeed.
I am not the only one who hates shaving their legs and the struggle to keep your cute skirt dry whilst a quick shave, is no woman's dream. Or when you come home after a night out and all you want to do is jump into bed and never leave again, but you still have to remove your makeup, ugh...
Girls, the struggle is real sometimes. Beauty really is a pain (and a mess sometimes according to my bathroom). 

Coconut Oil is such a versatile product and easy to use. When I came across a big jar at a Kruidvat based in Mechelen (€3.99) I decided to take hime home. There are many uses for coconut oil like; oil-pulling, cooking, shaving, hair masks, taking your makeup off,... but the following are my favourite uses!

Coconut Oil has a firm consistency, but when you warm the oil up between your fingers, it changes into an oily substance. 

The Quick Non-Messy Shave // Oil those legs and shave like you normally do. Piece of cake! I even shave my armpits with coconut oil now since it doesn't make my skin feel super itchy and dry  afterwards, hooray!

The Moisturizer and Instant Glow // Sexy and shiny legs? Use coconut oil (or baby oil) to moisturize before heading out the door! Or even before going to bed if you are not really into thick body moisturizers.

The Keeps-Your-Perfume-Lasting-All-Day-Trick // Coconut oil (or at least mine) has no defining scent so when you place a little bit of the oil on the places where you want to apply perfume, it will not interfere with your perfume. 

The Quick and Easy Makeup Remover/ Cleanse // I haven't tried it with waterproof mascara yet, but for now it removes all my makeup in a second! It does not sting my eyes and my skin isn't irritated or dry afterwards!

The Gives-Your-Hair-Instant-Shine // Softer and smoother hair? Warm up a little bit between your fingers and apply it on the ends of your hair. Do comb out your ends, so the oil is evenly distributed.

So actually is Coconut Oil the perfect beauty product to take with you on holiday! Less products to take with you, so more place for new items! Win-win!

What are your favourite uses?