Sunday, September 28, 2014

First week back at Uni...

Saturday 20th 05pm: Man O Man, I was not excited when I got off the plane. Don't get me wrong, I loved being back, but in two days Uni started again... 

Monday 22th - Students On Stage

07 am: I am about to cry when my alarm goes off. No freaking way in hell it was already Monday, right? Rolling out of bed, trying not to fall down the stairs and getting dressed: check, check and check.
10 am: Chummy-time! Some of our friends are members from a student association, so we decided to go and say hello! 
11.30 am: How many stores are there in Antwerp? I think I saw them all... Cardio for the day: done!
12.30 pm: Reunited with Pauline! 
01.30 pm: Still waiting for Luna... she is soooo buying us a drink (or two)!
02 pm: Luna has arrived, let the fun begin! 
04 pm: Too many people... Where have they come from? Note to myself: Do not forget to work on social skills, you appear to have lost them during finals...
06 pm: Sleeeeepyyyy... Home & Food! I got too many goodiebags to carry. My arm almost fell off.
06. 30 pm: Seeing Jules! 
10 pm: The movie Brick Mansions reminds me off Banlieu 13...
11 pm: I love my bed.

Tuesday 23th - Torture from 08.30am-06.00pm

06 am: I CAN NOT... Please, no?
07 am: I forgot how much fun the bus could be... 
10 am: Halfway through the first class: I only have one thought: Why?
10.15 am: Time goes by tooooo slooooooow... 
10.16 am: Yep, only one minute had passed. It felt like 20 min.
Noon: Done and starving! 
01 pm: Seeing all my friends again!
01.30 pm: Let's do this! 
02 pm: I love this class! 
03.40 pm: My heart is racing: I have to walk out during class to get to my other class. Can I do this? This is toooo humiliating.
03.45 pm: Call me a badass, I did it! Yes!
04.15 pm: I regret going already... God, this is going to take forever!
05.12 pm: Biggest regret: choosing this class. 
05.30 pm: I have literally learned nothing today. 
06 pm: Freedom! I am exhausted! Where is my bed?
09 pm: Best bath ever! Totally loving ANTM Cycle 21! 
10 pm: Night, night!

Wednesday 24th - I am addicted to ANTM Cycle 20

Noon: Scampi's Diabolique is my one and only true love.
02.40 pm: Shit! I am going to miss my bus!
02.55 pm: Running to get my bus. I am so out of breath (and red).
03.50 pm: I am blind, completely didn't see my friend and kept telling people to find another seat 'cause I was holding one for her. She was sitting right behind me. 
03.51 pm: Too embarrassed to look up. Now everybody thinks I am a total bitch.
04 pm: Class starts! I love this professor! He is so goofy and down to earth!
04.15 pm: He got a son! What would his name be? "Johnny"? Hahaha... (He always uses Johnny from the garage as an example)...
05.30 pm: Already done, one hour earlier! 
06 pm: Catching up with Virginie!
06.45 pm: Bus home... A woman almost sat on my bag, stay calm.
07.15 pm: I started this morning with cycle 20: I am now watching episode 6. Send help.
09 pm: I don't want to go to bed, but I am too tired.
09.30 pm: Reading ELLE Magazine and feeling really inspired!
10 pm: Dreaming off a big closet...

Thursday 25th - Lunch with The Girls

09 am: Good morning world! Where is my laptop with some ANTM?
11.30 am: Hurrying to get ready. Damn you Tyra!
01 pm: I forgot to google the adress, stupid. 
01.45 pm: Off the bus; let the games begin...
02 pm: I found it! Now where is the loo?
02.30 pm: So hungry and Luna making pudding, isn't exaclty helping it.
02.45 pm: Ciabatta, salmon, cheese, salads,... I am in food heaven!
03.45 pm: Yes, I definitely have a food baby. 
04 pm: Pudding time! 
04.15 pm: Dumbest, yet most delicious, decision ever.
04.30 pm: Kissing everybody goodbye! 
05.30 pm: Watching another episode of ANTM. It is a problem.
06.45 pm: Kissing and hugging my little monsters to death. They ran up to me and said: "We missed you, did you miss us?" Trying not to tear up. I love these munchkins.
07.30 pm: Struggling to get them to brush their teeth.
07.40 pm: Mission accomplished.
07.45 pm: Now where is that dog so I can hug it!
08 pm: Poor thing is ill...
08.10 pm: I love Sheldon, Big Bang Theory for life!
10 pm: Back home! Tomorrow is going to be a looooong day...

Friday 26th - Fluo Birthday Party

08 am: Rise and shine!
10 am: Making a do-not-forget-list.
11 am: Too many bags. Happy to drive today!
Noon: Let's go! First stop: petrol station.
00.35 pm: Cardio part 2 - I have 15min to get to Uni and meet up with Julie. Ready? Set... GO!
00.40 pm: Shit, did I lock my car?
00.45 pm: I did. I have the memory of a goldfish.
01 pm: Made it! Now where is Julie?
01.15 pm: All alone in the middle of the 'Agora' playing 'Where is Julie'? She'll probably be wearing dark jeans and combat boots. Oh, do not forget the winged eyeliner!
01.30 pm: Still no trace and I am not able to reach her. Feeling a little lonely.
01.35 pm: I went to the book store to see which books I needed. Conclusion: none.
01.40 pm: She is alive!
02.15 pm: Food of the day? Sausage bread, loooooove.
02.45 pm: Class is about to start. I heard the professor isn't nice.
03.30 pm: Rumors are true, man she scares the crap out of me.
06 pm: Running to the car in the rain. You got to love the Belgian weather!
06.30 pm: No traffic! Yes!
07 pm: Where are we? 
07.01 pm: Ooh, found it!
07.15 pm: I spotted chips, mine.
07.30 pm: Polaroid-time!
08.30 pm: Chummy! 
09 pm: Mongolian BBQ, it is delicious!
09.15 pm: I found a huge fireplace. I am not leaving my spot.
10 pm: Pie! Yummy!
10.30 pm: I found the glow-in-the-dark-paint! Orange it is!
11 pm: Awkward dancing on Anaconda...
00 pm: Time to go... I had sooo much fun and there were so many gorgeous people!
01.45 am: Bed!

How was your first week?