Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sun, a hate-love relationship for your skin, but a very important one to maintain! 
Applying sun cream is yet another step in my skin care, but well worth it. Everybody knows that UVA is the real monster for your skin since it damages not the surface, but goes deep into your skin cells and will make you look a lot older than you really are in a few years. Not a single skin care junkie like me, wants that. Since I find body sun cream to be too thick and heavy, I decided to give these three samples (expensive, affordable and drugstore) a try...

Expensive - Kiehl's (60ml/ €37)

I heard an awful lot of good things about this sun cream! It appears to be light, non-sticky, leaves no white cast,... and so on. But before buying the full size, I decided to give the sample a go first!
And it has SPF50!

It really is a lightweight sun cream, which sinks in rather fast! It is not sticky, does not make me glow (I have oily skin) during the day and is easy to blend with your moisturizer for a quick application! Plus it did not make me break-out in a battlefield of acne, score.
What a catch, right? The only downside for me, is the price tag... I am all about affordable and although I really really like this one, I would never buy it myself...

Affordable - Rituals SPF50 (60ml/ €18,50)

After trying the Kiehl's one, who broke my wallet's heart, I googled 'good affordable sun cream' and bam! There was the Rituals Sun Protection Face Cream SPF50! It promised to be light, non-sticky, matte, to have a good scent,... It rose expectations quickly. So I jumped in a Rituals, asked a lovely lady if I could get a sample, went home and waited for the morning to come...

Oh, it is everything I was looking for. Lightweight, non-sticky, sinks in quickly, smells amazing, feels very fresh, doesn't make me look like a giant greasy mess, non-acne-battlefield... AND it is pretty affordable for a poor student like me! Jackpot! 

Drugstore - Garnier SPF30 (50ml/ €11)

I got this one in a goodie bag after buying multiple products, story of my life haha! It promises you to be non-sticky and non greasy. Let me get things straight directly: it is one hell of a greasy mess. I am not even joking, I was glowing like a light bulb, not what I wanted. I did manage to diminish the grease with a lot (read: an awful lot) of mattifying powder, but is it really worth all the work? I still use it if I will just stay home the entire day in the garden or go for a run, but for every day? Nope, plus it did make me break-out a little on my chin...

I did read that a lot of the more 'cheap' sun cream are a tad thicker and heavier than more expensive options. I am going to buy the Rituals SPF50 the next time I am in the city since it stole my heart. And just remember that yes the Garnier/ Kruidvat/ Hema options are far more affordable than the €18,50 one, but it is a hell of a lot less work and you do use it for an entire year. It feels better on my skin, I don't feel greasy and gross all day, I just feel amazing and protected with Rituals SPF50.

What is your favourite sun cream?