Sunday, August 24, 2014

No, I am not moving out. During a summer picknick at school with my closest friends we talked about moving out and how expensive it all is. One of them said she got homeware as a present for her birthday, which got me thinking... Buying everything at once is crazy expensive and I am that type of girl who wants 'the perfect interior' from the start, or base at least.
I am already saving €20/ month for my future home, but why don't start collecting small things on the way? Spread the costs! 

The Tea Set //

I love blue tableware and I think I have Sabrina to blame for it! One thing I also really like are blue tea sets. They are so elegant, sophisticated and most of the times artistic as well! 

I bought this tea set at my local thrift shop for €15. It came with a giant tea pot, 4 cups and 7 small plates. I love how the plates have this flower shape and that they have a little depth! The simplicity of the design covering the tea set is what struck me the most, it reminds me of a fairy-tale... Also the blue lining inside the cup, gives it such an interesting feel (plus I did not see that before). 

The Bowls //

I spotted similar bowls at Urban Outfitters, who were a little larger and more expensive. I bought mine at 'Blokker' for only €2.99/ bowl (12cm in diameter)! 

They are so cute! I can already see them decorating my future dining table during dinner parties! They aren't that large, but they are the perfect size for dessert, fruit salad, a little side dish,... 

I again love the simplicity in the design. They also had a dark blue with a white design, but these were more airy in design and feel!

It is never too early to start thinking about the future, if you can plan things ahead, why not do it? I have always been a organisation freak and I love being prepared for events/ situations in life. Yep, I can be a little 'autistic' about this all, and I like it! So whenever you come across a good deal and feel like you will love it for at least the following 7 years, buy it. There is nothing more fun than decorating your future home, haha!