Sunday, August 17, 2014

(All pictures are 'screenshots' from their Instagram account, I do not own these pictures)

Instagram, the only social media-app I can say is an addiction to me. All my favourite people gathered in one place, where I can 'heart' my favourite pictures/ looks of them. Heaven on my smartphone and the best way to enjoy annoying parts of the day. The following 18 accounts are my favourite...

Top Left: Songofstyle - Aimee Song (account - blog) // Fulltime blogger and interior designer (I would love to work with/for her!) from the United States. She was one of the first fashion bloggers I ever followed. I love how effortless her looks are, she is a total babe. She inspires me a lot with her eye for detail and structure.

Top Right: Chrisellelim - Chriselle Lim (account - blog) // She is one of my biggest inspirations and people I would love to meet. Intelligent, classy, incredible style and oh so elegant. From business chic to casual and minimalistic, she rocks everything. 

Down Left: Sincerelyjules - Julie Sariñana (account - blog) //  She travels the world and has her own (web)shop. I would describe her style as boho-inspired-effortless. She is so beautiful and seems like a lovely person to hang out with. Her looks are 'basic' with a fun touch, a style I would love to be able to get away with!

Down Right: Garypeppergirl - Nicole Warne (account - blog) // I am utterly in love with her beauty. With her classic black winged eyeliner and fabulous outfits, she looks like she just walked out an VOGUE photoshoot. Every single picture of her. I would say she has a classic, yet playful style and isn't scared to rock bright colours!

Top Left: Blairadiebee - Blair Eadie (account - blog) // I love how she isn't afraid to play with fashion. Her looks go from clasual to almost 'dressed up'. She combines a basic striped top with a gorgeous big midi-skirt, or as in the picture with sequins. Her classic red lip is her signature, which ties together her outfits perfectly. 

Top Right: Miraduma - Miroslava Duma (account - blog) // This petite fashion icon from Russia is also one of my favourite and biggest inspirations. Her outifts are always en point and she looks stunning in every outfit! I find her style difficult to describe, but she reminds me a lot of 'Sex and the City' and 'The Devil Wears Prada'.

Down Left: Peaceloveshea - Shea Marie (account - blog) // A real style-chameleon, from girly to more sporty and edgy. She can wear anything and look fabulous! 

Down Right: Oksanaon - Okasana On (account) // Fashion Director, need I say more? I fell in love with her appearance in ELLE Magazine in an article covering 'suits'. Ever since that day I want a suit. Her outfits are simple, but have so much power at the same time. I could learn a thing or two (or more) from her!

Top Left: Susiebubble - Susie Lau (account - blog) // I found her Instagram account after reading an article in ELLE Magazine. Sparkly personality, very artistic vibes and she mixes prints and colours like no one else. She dresses so girly, yet edgy and playful,... just mindblowing. She just reminds me a lot of 'unicorns'!

Top Right: Avivaknoll - Aline Knoll (account - YouTube) //  A Belgian girl who is currently roaming the streets of Milano! She is bubbly, a smiley face, sweet and has a very basic and elegant take on fashion! Every single outfit looks so effortlessly styled with the right amount of 'edgy'.

Down Left: Seewantshop - Lisa Hamilton (account - blog) // I would carefully say that we share the same taste in fashion. Well at least, she wears a lot of outfits that I would wear too or style the same, haha! She posts absolutely amazing pictures; lightweight, simple and clean. 

Down Right: Imjennim - Jenn Im (account - YouTube) // Edgy and quirky, plus I love how relaxed, yet pulled together her outfits always are. You will almost always see her wearing high heels, congrats to you. I would not even manage one hour... I am absolutely in love with her face and sincere smile, she is just hands down an incredibly beautiful woman!

Top Left: Liene - Liene Meneve (account) // A Belgian make-up artist with a rather laid back casual style or on the more business/working days very elegant and modern. Clean lines, bold paterns and fun colours! She has such a sweet personality and from the little glances on her Instagram, she is busy transforming her new place into a wonderful and stylish home. 

Top Right: Nanjamassy - Nanja Massy (account) // Yet again a Belgian make-up artist! She and Liene (above) have a blog together: Suriel (NL). She takes clean, simple and gorgeous pictures. I would describe her style as almost 'Scandinavian': clean lines, amazing basics,... and sometimes a pop of colour! 

Down Left: Pielaun - Paulien Riemis (account - blog) //  I seem to only follow beautiful people, but yet again this is a Belgian babe. Fun, basic and elegant are the key ingredients! 

Down Right: Belmodotiany - Tiany Kiriloff (account - blog) // This Belgian power woman has a eclectic, artisitic and a little vintage take on fashion. Yet every single outfit seems easily put together in a matter of seconds! Mommy of two cuties (perfectly styled ofcourse) she seems to be a little sunshine, always smiling and having a good time (according to her pictures ;) )!.

(Beauty) Left: Steephshairstyles - Stéphanie Morcel (account) // Hair wizard, my personal photographer for outfit-shoots and a very close friend. I am not including her because she is my friend, but because she really does deserve a spot. Amazing hairstyles, whom only take a minute or so, creative and has a lot of positive energy. She is just so passionate and that is what makes her incredibly talented!

Right: Mrbenbrown - Ben Brown (account - Youtube - blog) // Yep, the only man who made it into my list, haha! Not only does he have amazing outfits and hair, he also takes gorgeous pictures. His daily vlogs are a pleasure to watch during those days of studying since he is currently travelling... 

What are your favourite Instagram accounts?