Sunday, April 13, 2014

PLOG| Girls, just wanna have fun!

Since my parents left for the weekend, I decided to keep a good old time sleepover with my friends! This PLOG (photo blog) will take you along with us!

18:00 - First we went shopping... God, we did like 5 stores to find the perfect "ready-to-put-in-the-oven-cake". Let's just say we were all very excited (Hanne kept dancing and chattering away, Sabbi kept laughing and I kept bumping into things)! 

19:00 - Back home, after a wild adventure grocery shopping, we made supper and danced on all our favourite hits. 

Sabbi has wicked cooking skills! 

Rice with chicken, vegetables and a curry with a hint of coco milk. #delicious

Some Gran Baron for drinks aaaaaand...

20:30 - MOVIES! We changed into our PJ's and picked two movies: before cake Anastasia and after cake Moulin Rouge (there was a lot of singing involved #tonedeaf). 

22:30 - Yuck, that is our cake?

22:45 - A sleepover isn't a sleepover without masks! #photoshoot #creep
(I love the Freeman Masks!)

23:00 - Finally, cake! DELICIOUS! #yumyuminmytum

23:15 - The last movie before we went to bed: Moulin Rouge... Well, let's just say that Sabbi really loves this movie (understatement: warning for the boys she will make you watch it, over and over and over....)! By the time they sung Roxanne, we all had goosebumps, what a voice!

02:00 - Bedtime! Night, night!

Bisous, S.