Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Since I decided to stop taking dancing lessons, I knew that if I didn't start doing something active instead of ballet, I would soon turn into a "meatball" (not a good look for bikini season). So I subscribed to a few 'work out' related YouTube channels, bought some dumbbells and a jump rope, dragged my mom along with me (she said she needed exercise, so?) and since that moment we have been very good at doing our work outs at home! Plus, I start to think that we don't really work out to 'work out' anymore, but to laugh at each other. Oh what jolly fun. Believe me, it is pretty hilarious when your mom can't stretch her legs and makes the exercise look ridiculous.

We decided to work out at least 3 times a week (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday) together or alone, but mostly on Sunday we work out together. 

Sunday - YouTube// We both take our yoga mats and rebuild the living room before we start (seriously, we move everything). My mom likes BLOGILATES, but I love FITNESSBLENDER 
-- Blogilates is a channel that provides work outs based on pilates. Most of the times the videos are around 10 minutes long and contain 5 or more different exercises (without break).
-- FitnessBlender on the other hand is a combination of at home fitness and cardio and sometimes pilates. What I love about this channel is that they work with seconds/exercise and a 5-10 seconds break (videos: +- 40 minutes), but believe me, you are dead when it is (finally) over!

Tuesday - YouTube or Routine (down)// Or we work out together; a 10 min work out by Blogilates or I do a work out with exercises I like to do. When working out alone, make sure you have a playlist full of upbeat numbers that will make you forget the pain and time! 

Thursday - Youtube or Routine (down)// Pretty much the same thing as Tuesday.

But, sometimes I feel like working out every day. So I alternate between skipping ropes (15min), my routine and a routine my former ballet teacher gave me.

MY ROUTINE (awesome drawing skills!)

1. I really like doing 'roll ups' because you work out your whole core (40x)
2. The leg lifts are killing me after 5! I do place my hands under my tailbone and bring my legs as close to the ground as possible. (20x or more when I feel like)
3. The bicycle! It looks so easy, but is really hard after a while! You just bring your legs in a corner of 90° and then twist your left elbow to your right knee and vice versa (40x)
4. I don't know how this exercise is called, but it sure is hard! You just sit down and bend your knees. Place your armes horizontally before your chest and bring your left elbow to the ground as close to your left hip as possible and the same on the other side! (40x)

5. I think this is one of the hardest exercises to do. You have to balance and work out at the same time! You just "push" your legs as close to the ground, but whilst doing that your bring your upper body to the ground as well, then try to get back! (30x)
6. This is thé exercise for muffin tops, I am still sore! You choose a side to lay on. The arm, also on the ground, will "hug" you, whilst the other one is placed before the chest. Then you push yourself up sideways and so the leg that is not on the ground. You actually try to make a sideways V-shape with your body! (50x)
7. I call them knee-kicks, but basically you start as a plank and bring one knee in, to your tummy, plank and do the same with the other side. (40x)
8. Slow burpees are tough! Start by bringing your hands up in the air, bend down to the ground and place your hands, bring one knee back into planking position, then the other one, plank, bend the knee that came first, then the second knee and get back up. If you started bending your left knee first, you have to bend the right one first the second time (so alternate between your knees). Try to go faster and faster without getting sloppy! (40x)

9. The first time I did this exercise, I kept falling to one side, ha! Start in easy push up position (knees on the ground and feet off), with your right hand you take the dummbell, you turn your upper body to the right, push up the dumbbell in the air, go back to the start and do the other side! (40x)
10. Closer gap? Than this is the exercise: go lay on one side, bring the leg that is on top of the other, in front of the other leg so you "block" the leg on the ground. Now raise this leg up and down. (50x)
11. This is also a hard one! Place your feet parallel on the ground and place the elastic band around your ankles. Choose a leg and push it sideways (keep it parallel and keep your hips still!) untill you feel the elastic band extend to his max. If you are done with one side, you do the other! (50x)
12. For the perfect butt: You start the same as in 11, but now you push a leg backwards! (50x)

If I really feel dying that day, I will also squat (50x) or do jumping squats (50x).

I hope I gave you a few good exercises! Let's get fit together!

Bisous, S.