Sunday, April 27, 2014

A few days ago, I was talking to some friends and they told me that they took their makeup off with just a cleansing whipe and not a single step more ! My heart stopped beating for a few seconds, whow. The skincare-junk I am was baffled. They explained: I just don't know why I should use all the products you use. Well let me breakdown to the basic and quickest of skincare routines.

A very simple but valuable answer; your skin needs protection and 'food', just as our body needs it. Your face will thank you, believe me. And I swear by good skincare because if your skin looks amazing, you will not apply layers and layers of makeup.

If you use makeup on daily bases, it is essential that you take care of your skin. We all had Biology in secundary school, our skin is a breathing membrane. Dirt, radiance, makeup,... our skin absorbs it all and that is why (besides the hormonal break-out) we get acne or other skin problems. 

First you should define your skin type: dry, normal, greasy or mixed skin (dry and greasy).
Than you can buy the products that target your skin type. Keep in mind that your skin mind also be very sensitive to certain ingrediĆ«nts like essential oils for example and that you cannot tell if it is a good product or a bad one after one use. If you use a product, you will see that your skin will either love it or hate it (you will develop bumps that will look like acne, this is a allergic reaction). That is the signal to stay away from that product. 

Secondly you should examine if you have naturally acne problems, uneven skin, psoriasis, redness,...etc. 

A good routine doesn't take long: 5 minutes max. My routine is a bit excessive, I have a lot of steps. But you don't have to do all the things I do. Tip: the 3-step skincare routine from CLINIQUE.

1. Makeup remover
You have all kinds of makeup removers: cleansing whipes, micellar water, cleanser, cleansing milks, cleansing oils, cleansing balms,... Whipes are quick, but they aren't as good as the micellar water, cleanser, cleansing milks, oils or balms. Whipes give the impression to take all of your makeup off, but they don't.
Do the test yourself; take your makeup off with a whipe and then go over your face again with a cotton pad with some micellar water, cleanser or cleansing milk. You will see all the dirt that was still there...

I like to use a cleansing oil or balm because it is much quicker and gentle for the skin! 

You can go drugstore for the first step or you can go to a pharmacy and pay a little bit more. I do advise to go a little bit more expensive if you have problem skin. Some drugstore brands I used and liked: KRUIDVAT, GARNIER, NIVEA.

2. Facial soap/ wash (in the shower)
Never use regular soap for your body on your face! Your face is much more delicate and therefor it needs a special soap. 
The soap will clear pores from dirt and makeup residue. You can just use your hands or a face brush, don't forget to wash your neck as well! Afterwards your skin might feel a little bit dry, but it may never feel itchy or streaky.

Every soap targets a specific skin type, so read carefully before you buy anything. I used to use the GARNIER face soaps since they are cheap and really effective. But since my skin disease (I had really dry and very sensitive skin with many dry patches and bumps) a while back, I started to use a face wash from VICHY. 


3. Toner
Toner will 'close' your pores again after all the cleansing is done. It looks like water and you use a cotton pad to apply it. This is vital to your routine since you just stripped your skin from any dirt (and your skin will feel really 'naked').

Again I like to use VICHY, but in the past I used CLINIQUE. They are all fine, but I do prefer a more expensive toner than a drugstore one, which may contain more 'useless and bad' ingrediĆ«nts. 


4. Moisturizer
Now you have to 'feed' your skin. Find a moisturizer that targets your skin type with the consistency you like (oil, thick, creamy, gel,...). 

I really like the HYDRA MATCH from GARNIER and CLINIQUE. But there are tons of brands with good moisturizers like KRUIDVAT, ALDI, NIVEA, VICHY, LA ROCHE-POSAY,...

5. In case of acne
Apply some TEA TREE-OIL on a cotton swab on the spot itself. Tea tree-oil will help to dry out the spot or keep an upcoming one at bay.

When I have a 'open' spot or just acne in general, I like to apply VASELINE. I don't know why, but it really helps me to quickly heal a spot or little wound.

6. Once a week: facial scrub and mask
Like you have to scrub your body to get rid off death skin, you have to scrub your face for the same reason. Brands: FREEMAN, GARNIER, CLINIQUE, VICHY, BIODERMA, BODY SHOP,...

Masks: I really like FREEMAN, but there are many more!

This is a quick and simple routine and your skin will love you for it! You can always add steps (serum, eye cream,...) if you feel like it, but please never leave a step. You will see and feel the difference! Go healthy and glowy skin!

Bisous, S.