Wednesday, April 30, 2014

AND April is also already gone, time flies. But this means another month of favourites and discoveries! 

CATRICE 580 Carrots Of The Caribbean - I already did a fun make-up look using this eyeshadow (post) and I still love this colour. It is just a gorgeous warm orange, so easy to blend and great pigmentation. (+- €3)

ESSENCE 01 Cakepop, That's top! - Right after taking this picture, it fell and broke, sad moment. Ever since I got this blush, I've been wearing it non-stop. It brings a healthy flush and warmth to the face. It is pretty pigmented, so be careful and tap your brush lightly onto the blush. The only downside is the fact that the blush is a bit chalky, but it does get better after using it for a while. (+- €4)

CATRICE Infinite Shine Lipgloss in 020 Best Seller, Truth Teller - (It is actually a hint darker in real life than it is on the picture) I have never been really excited over lipgloss, it is sticky. But these lipglosses changed my point of view. They are creamy, really soft on the lips, gorgeous colours and they wear off beautifully. Love them. (€2.99)

ESSENCE Lash Mania Reloaded Mascara - This is a shocker, but I love this mascara more than my One by One... I just love how it lenghtens and how buildable it is. Everybody should have this one in their collection! Plus it is so affordable (+- €2.89).

CATRICE Limited Edition Celtica LOVEnder - This eyeshadow is a 'cold' lilac colour and perfect for highlighting the inner corners or to highlight the eyelid. Just easy to wear and accentuates the grey tones in my eyes. (+- €3)

ESSENCE Cookies and Cream Shimmer Pearls in 01 One Sweet Day - It is a subtle and peachy highlight and I have been wearing it a ton! When there's a lot of sun, I don't really like to wear a golden and really "shiny" highlight, since it may be too much. So these shimmer pearls are the perfect compromise! 

JUTKA & RISKA - I love this shop! If you love vintage pieces, dainty jewelry, cool sunglasses,... than this is the place to be. I especially love it for it's jewelry. I picked up these two lovely necklaces (each around €5). I love the combination and layering of dainty necklaces and these are perfect for it! The shark tooth is a mixture of metals, which I really like and like to do myself.  I also bought 'Dream', because it just on the edge of cliché but still a beautiful message. 

H&M (€5) - Really simple and delicate necklace and not one necklace is the same. They all have a different size and colour stone! Plus you can wear it at three different lenghts! 

FREEMAN Facial Creamy Scrub - (€4) This scrub is amazing! I like to apply it on a damp face, scrub my face and then wet my hands and massage it into my skin. Softest skin ever after a scrub. It is really gentle, doesn't make me break-out and doesn't irritate my skin! All of this makes it a scrub that can easily be used every two days.

KRUIDVAT Skin Science Cleansing Oil - (€2.99) I recently blogged about this and will leave the link here. But basically: a great cleansing oil that doesn't sting the eyes and leaves your skin feeling really soft!

Bisous, S.