Sunday, May 12, 2013

La vie jolie - Dance (1)

Hey guys!

Past Thursday I had a 'free podium' with my toddlers (I teach dance to toddlers with a very good friend). I was soooooo nervous! As the smallest ones or only 3 years old, I thought it would end up in one big 'cry-performance'. But they sure did  surprise me! I was so proud!

My first group had to perform with big sheer scarfs, as in twice their size. Well, it resulted in cuteness  overload as they were stuck in their scarfs trying to fling them over their head. 

My second group (5-year olds) were little men including cute moustaches! Perhaps the dance was a little bit too difficult, but they managed to do it incredibly well. I am one proud teacher! Not only because they learned a few 'jumps' they'll learn in a year or two, but also they still enjoyed dancing after me being terrifying the last couple of weeks (sorry sweeties!). 

I wanted to share this day, because I wanted to show what I love doing. I love teaching a 3-year old how to hop, I love being crazy with them and I love to dance with all my heart. I may not be the best teacher, but I do enjoy it and that is satisfying enough for me. I used to dance like 24 hours a week and afterwards 6 or so when I had to take it easy. There were many times I hated going to class and training, but I always felt happy during class or training. 
Why? Because I did what I love the most: I was dancing. I still don't care what or where, as long as I can dance, I am happy.

I hope you guys enjoyed it and I'll write you next time!

Kisses, Shannen