Sunday, May 5, 2013

Beauty: BIJOUX

Hey guys!

I wanted to show you a few 'bijoux' or jewels I really love.

Bijou 1: Rough Pink

I bought this necklace in a little boutique (can't remember the name). I love how it is soft and femine, but rough at the same time.
I love styling this bijou with very 'modern' looks (clean, geometrical, black and white) to soften it up a little. Or I would wear it very femine and soft (read: style it with whites, pinks, greens,...).

Bijou 2: Golden spikes

I have been looking for this kind of necklace for a long time. I just never seemed to like the ones I saw, but then I went shopping at Berschka! It was actually a friend of mine who showed me the necklace. And as you can see, I immediately loved it! I love the shape, I love the color, I love the details and the fact that it seems to be good quality.
I love wearing this necklace with an all black outfit or with a casual outfit.

Bijou 3: Harsh Beauty

As a lot of my jewels, this one is from Forever 21. I love their necklaces. Despite the fact that they aren't great quality (which I don't mind), they're cheap and really cute. When I go to F21 for jewels, I always seem to buy something! 
I would style this necklace with a printed T-shirt and a white blazer or just a casual outfit. I just love using statement necklaces to spice up an outfit!

Bijou 4: Cleopatra

These earrings are from WE. They are little silver palmleafs. These caught my eye immediately. They are subtle, but still a bit 'bold'. When I wear these earrings, I always feel very graceful because of their 'rareness'. I mean, I don't see them often (more like never...).
I like to style them with a very basic outfit and let them stand-out.

So these were a few of my 'bijoux'. I hope you got inspired and see you next time!

Kisses, Shannen