Monday, May 9, 2016

After my little heart-to-heart I needed some time off blogging. 
I just want to thank everybody for all the lovely comments, it means a lot. 

Now back to business! I am feeling these hats with words might be a new Summer trend. 
Perfect for your holiday and to give that 
 a little something extra. It is a thing called: attitude. 

I started to see them appear in my Instagram-feed at 'sofievalkiers'- and 'sylviahaghjoo'-page. Not that they were something 'new', I already saw them on a few blogs last Summer. And now they are back.

Browsing the shops in Antwerp, I failed at finding them pre-fabricated. That is when this DIY took shape. Read with me...

What you will need:
- a hat: fedora, floppy,... just make sure it is a 'straw' one! 
Mine is from the men's section at H&M (here)
- a pencil
- black string or any other colour you like
- scissors
- a needle

Got it? Let's do this!

First thing I did was sew a elastic band inside my hat. I fell in love with the colour and design, but men don't have size "S" apparently...

Secondly I had to figure out what word I wanted to sew onto my hat. I played with 'wanderlust', 'fernweh', 'daydreamer',... and ended up with 'wanderer'. That was the hardest step. Believe me. 

After picking out your word of choice, you start to write it down. This pencil-marking will be your guide when you start sewing. 

The easiest way to sew something onto a straw hat is by using the little gaps between intersecting straws. I would sew 2 intersections up, come down 1, 2 up, 1 down,... Just make sure when doing the '1-down' to go back up right in the middle of your string. This way it is easier to make straight lines and to secure your masterpiece. 

After 3 House M.D.-episodes, multiple stabbings and swearing, my fedora was done. It is hard in the beginning, but when you get the hang off things, it will get easier and quicker.  

I love it. This DIY costed me €13! Such a fun and quirky detail to finish any outfit. This is how I styled mine...

As you are reading this, I am recovering from the heat that was Sunday 8th of May. I chose these Pull&Bear dungarees (also hot for this Summer), my Massimo Dutti sandals and a crop top I have had since I was 12. Sentimental value, right there. 

For the people who are reading my blog for the first time: "Hi, my name is Shannen and until two days ago I was a blonde". For all my other readers: "Yes, I am a ginger now". Walking passed a mirror still makes me jump a little, but I am slowly getting used to being ginger. Never thought I would colour my hair ginger, haha!

I hope you enjoyed my first DIY and I hope to see your creations! Tag me on Instagram (shannen_vdh) or tag me on Facebook (Coeur Belgique) so I can see yours!

Bisous, S.