Thursday, May 7, 2015

And another one bites the dust... Yes, I fell into the I-Need-Muji-Drawers-Trap.
But come on, they look nice, sleek, clean, simple,...
and I do have a lot more excuses to why I needed them.
I blame all my favourite beautybloggers, once again they made me buy it.
Here's a little review on these cult-beauty-drawers.

Since I started blogging, my makeup collection expanded over this year. I now have multiple blushes, eyeshadows, palettes, eyeliners, foundation, mascara,... I actually forgot what I had since I didn't see it in front of me. I stored all my makeup in a vintage suitcase and what I used daily in a makeup organizer thingy as show on the picture above. I realised the overpopulation was getting real when I needed 3 glass jars to store my lipsticks in, yes I have a lipstick-addiction, bite me.

I had these on my wishlist for the longest of time, but the fact that they had to be shipped from the UK made me hesitant to buy them. But than I read somewhere than you should order them via the German website to cut down the shipping costs, genius.
This five drawer baby comes at €37 and the shipping at €7 for outside Germany, which is a lot of money, I think. Since I couldn't find something else in Belgium like this, I just went for it. Three days later this baby arrived, I couldn't be more excited! They were wrapped really well with some kind of bubble wrap and bags with filled with air. No scratches.

They are acrylic, so 'softer' than plastic and they feel a lot more sturdy. The measurements for the entire box are 26x17,5x16 cm and one drawer is smaller than an issue of Vogue. The only downside is that round bottles of foundation don't fit, well be damned.

I just love how I can see all of my makeup in front of me now. It may not look like the most 'clean' option since it is a jungle of colours and shapes, but I do see what I have now. Result? I use all of my makeup now more often. The sad part is that when I filled my lipstick drawer, there was no room left for any future siblings, sights. Oh well, I'll just need to buy another one! This is problem solving at it's finest ladies and gents!

The thing is, you don't even need to use these for makeup: you can use it for your desk, jewellery storage, sunglasses,... the options are endless! 

I did hear, for all Belgian and Netherlands readers, that Action is selling similar 2 layer drawers for only €2,99! I didn't manage to get a hold of one, but if you can, do it!

BUT if you do feel like getting this gem, you can click here. Muji has a lot of cool stuff, you should definitively check them out!

P.S. How do you store your makeup?