Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I guess we all know 'Ugly Betty', the shy colourful Mexican chick, who turns into this stunning Queen of Mix & Match. Well, Laurence is 'Pretty Betty'.
NO makeover needed for this beauty!
With her sparkling personality and huge love for her little dog, she brightens up any dark and dull corridor at our University. 

Laurence is the kind of person you do not forget. Once your eye caught her colourful personality, there is no escaping. As you can tell, by looking at the pictures, colour? It saddens me to tell you that my Queen of Happiness resigned to a more 'neutral' and darker self. Why you wonder? The fact that she stood out of the uniform crowd of jeans, blazer and the latest hippest shoes. It is a shame, right?

I love her style, because it is daring and out there. She is different. She is unique. She is 'Pretty Betty'. Didn't we all love Betty's boldness and courage to go out in her pink, red, orange, green and purple outfit? Besides all the colours, Laurence isn't afraid to pair her glamourous outfit with some incredible jewelry. Too much you would think, I promise you, she found the secret to balance things out. 

As you can probably tell from the past few 'The Portraits', I admire people who succeed in mixing prints, colours, fabrics, styles,... Lately I have been most comfortable in my black, grey, tan and white combo's. Very simple and elegant. But still, I love a good Missoni-inspired look! 

One thing you will never ever see on Laurence; small earrings. Nope, the bigger, the better. I would love to snoop in her drawers!

She didn't get her sense of style from a stranger. Her mother is like a older Laurence (really, they look a lot like each other!). Her mother too is a bubbly, glamourous woman who taught her daughter well. 

The moral of the story? Find at least one colour in your whole outfit and use it as your guide. That one colour has to pop up in almost every little detail of your outfit; your sweater, your jewelry, your blouse, your shoes,... etc. That is the tip to balance a mix of colours out. 

Outfit details //
Shoes - Prada
Skirt - Max & Co
Blouse - Essentiel
Cardigan - M Missoni Mini
Jewelry - Renaissance
Watch - Michael Kors