Thursday, February 12, 2015

I am back. Finally. Do you know how hard it is not to blog when you have exams? TOO hard.
Hi, it has been two months, my birthday (21 yippie!), the holidays, exams and a trip to Berlin.
I have probably gained some weight, had more acne than I ever had (thanks chocolate) and had some time to think what I will be up to...

Not being able to blog for almost two months and the past exams, gave me a lot of food for thought (and chocolate. And chocolate chip cookies.). What is it what I see myself doing in the future, what do I want to do with my blog and shouldn't I be more proud of having a blog?

In December, two girls from my class came up to me and told me they love my blog. I didn't know how to be myself for a second. I think I blushed heavily and said a shy 'Thank you'. I was surprised to be honest that they knew my blog, since I don't promote Coeur Belgique that much. But they gave me so much more confidence in what I was doing. That is why I want to try and step up my game from now on.

Since a lot of people love 'The Portrait', I decided to expand to 'The Beauty Bag' (Thank you Anna for the catchy name and idea), where friends will show the makeup products they use, how they use them and what they love about them. 

BUT also new will be  'The Face File', where friends will show their daily skincare loves and all their secret tips for the perfect skin!

I love reading other peoples tips and tricks, isn't that why people read blogs? But so you don't have to read my point of view the whole time, I wanted to get more people involved. 

I would love you guys to comment, interact, tell me what you want to read,... just ask me your questions! From the skincare, to which brush to use for makeup, to how to achieve a natural and healthy makeup look, to perhaps more personal things. Just shoot, I am here to learn, but also to share what I know.

I hope you will enjoy the changes!