Saturday, November 8, 2014

If you ever go to Antwerp, come to Lojola for some delicious homemade pies and cakes!
The owner (Kristof) has a degree in Sarcasm (love it!), the interior is the definition of girls-only and the pies are to die for. The perfect place to come home after a long day!
And as one of the many funny posters on the wall says;
" I was on a diet for a month, and lost 30 days!"

Cute, cuter, cutest. This little place to heaven is situated at the Hendrik Conscienceplein, nr. 14. It is pretty 'small' so you do have to keep your eyes open when looking for the place! I walked passed a million times, but I will never do that again! 

Tea, coffee, homemade lemonade,... every person will find something they like to drink! Regular tea or a fun mixture of flavours, just what you are looking for.
Look at the porcelain, doesn't it feel like going to your grandma's for some love and hugs? Just walking through the door and seeing all the cozy cushions, colourful posters and quirky little details...

Everything you see to put in your belly, is homemade. Soup, croque monsieurs, biscuits, cakes and most importantly pies! Every day he changes up your sweetest options, his way of making you want more... 

My dates for the day: Zana and Sabrina! The most adorable and sweet girls!

I love all the little spaces! It gives such an intimate experience!

Meet Kristof and his banoffee pie! I did my best not to drool all over it... This young man is the best in 'teasing' his clients, oh yes, he will make you want to buy every single pie his has made that day... And it is not like you get "simple" pies, no it is always something interesting! 

Mmmm, some apple pie and some delicious (read: I want more) banoffee pie... Banana, caramel, whipped cream,...

You can sit there talking and laughing for hours! It is just a happy little place with amazing food. What else, right? All these yummy delicious sweetness cost between €2 and €5! Not too shabby! 
Just go, have a foodbaby and come back the next day, because we all know we will want to.

All Kristof can say when a new customer leaves is; "And another one bites the dust"...