Sunday, September 14, 2014

I never really know what to bring to a beach holiday. Do I only bring my bikini and a cover-up or do I bring some sort of outfits for those occasional moments where I leave the beach? And what about makeup? 
But hey, what about those moments you could bump into a cute guy whilst walking on the promenade by night?

1. ELLE MAGAZINE // I love ELLE MAGAZINE, so this is pretty much a staple wherever I go... Perfect to read whilst getting my tan on!

2. SUNSCREEN FOR FACE // You always bring sun cream with you, but for your face? I really need another consistency, because body sun cream are way too heavy for me and do break me out! 

3. BODY SPLASH // This little bottle of heaven is alcohol-free, perfect for in the sun! A quick sprits before leaving and you will smell absolutely irresistible!

4. FUN NAIL POLISH // Baby blue nail polish is a tradition to bring along for me, it is just a colour that I will always love! Last month I got a white and this gorgeous muted neon peach, so I cannot wait to get these babies on my nails!

5. BIKINI // Since you will be walking around mostly wearing nothing but a bikini, I suggest you bring one where you feel most flattering and sexy in. This little two piece in this gorgeous and fun blue makes me feel like a bikini-model (and I am most certainly not)!

6. MATT PINK LIPS // Pink lips are always beautiful, but I would love to see if this colour will fit me when I get a tan! It is matt and will be stunning with your new golden glow...

7. MAXI DRESS // Easy, lightweight and quick! You look instantly more put together for those occasional strolls! 

8. AMAZING PRIMER // I do want to bring a primer with me, just for my under eye circles that will need concealer. Don't get me wrong, I will most certainly not wear any makeup when I will go into the water, but for those moments when you will be going to local markets! It will keep your concealer in place, which you will need in those hot temperatures!

9. COLOURFUL LIP BALM/-STICK // I LOVE these! They are quick, moisturizing and you don't need a mirror to apply it! 

10. LACE SOMETHING // Lace is sooooooo perfect for sunny holidays! Just a white top and these shorts and you will look fab in a second! Plus I love how fun and flirty lace can look!

11. HAT // Sun everywhere! And my scalp always looks red when I was in the sun all day! I don't mind then, but when I start moulting... So protection needed.

12. KIMONO // Perfect for the night and for a cover up!I love the orange and pink in mine!

13. MATTIFYING COMPACT POWDER // I have oily skin, so this is a much needed staple! 

14. BRIGHT EYELINERS // I use these to do winged eyeliner or to highlight my inner corners! Maybe I will use them, maybe I won't. We will see!

15. FLIRTY OPEN BACK DRESS // Just one pretty dress, because you never know who you will meet. The open back is so flattering and sexy, I love this dress! The pastel lilac will accentuate my tan pretty well, I guess...

16. A PRETTY SOFT NUDE-PINK LIP// Just for those days when I know I don't want to go in the water and want to look cute without looking fully makeup-mode. I know every girl has those!

17. CONCEALER // Just for those blue bags under my eyes! When I will get darker, I won't need it as much, because mostly I feel more confident when having a tan! But just in case...

18. ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE: WATERPROOF MASCARA // I have no lashes otherwise, I always feel much better with a little more definition to my eyes... 

19. A BIG PRETTY & BREEZY SCARF // This is my go-to cover up! It is nice and big, so perfect for a dress or a skirt for my little trip from the pool/beach to the apartment.

20. GOOD PAIR OF SUNGLASSES // No explanation needed, right?

21. DAINTY NECKLACES FOR LAYERING // If I want to feel like a Californian fashion blogger...

What are your staples?