Sunday, July 27, 2014

'My wallet is, was closed', sight. I have no explanation for this but that I went brain dead for two weeks, haha! I said to myself; 'You have a friends birthday weekend coming along, you cannot spend too much money' and than Sephora, Kiko and Zara happened. How can you say no? I do want to revamp my closet with good and more mature pieces and come on, a good lip stain, nude eyeliner, cute peachy pink nail polish, good primer and natural soap from Italy are never a bad investment. Right?

Sephora // Once upon a time on the Piazza Spagna in Rome there was a sweaty and tired 20-year old girl. She was done walking and wanted to sit down, untill she spied with her little eye a Sephora. The rest is history... No, for real. I was really done with walking and sightseeing untill I saw this Sephora! The airconditioning was heaven and kept me longer inside than necessary, haha! I bought this travel size The POREfessional from Benefit (€10) to try out (I haven't done that yet, but there will be a blog post soon). But to be honest I went in there to get my hands on a Cream Lip Stain from Sephora (€14). Amelia Liana kept raving on and on about this product, so yeah. I bought mine in 01 Always Red, a matte bold classic red. I cannot wait to wear this beauty out!

Kiko // I heard a lot about Kiko Make-up Milano and was very excited when I spotted one in Arezzo! The makeup appears to be pretty good and is very affordable. I spend like 30min ooh-ing and aah-ing untill I settled with this Skinny Fit Kajal in 01 Nude (€2), since I can't find the Rimmel one in Belgium and this Nail Lacquer in 359 Light Peach (€1), a colour I have been searching for for months. It will be gorgeous when I get a little more tan, yes!

Alighiero Campostrini (website - buy// As I was wandering in Cortona, I saw this amazing looking artisan and natural soaps and than I smelled them. I was completely sold when I saw this Saponette al Miele in Honey & Jojoba Oil (€3.50). Now all I need is a big, fluffy loofah and I am ready to lather myself with this soap...

Nesti Dante (website - buy) // This soap was right next to the other one and there were many more scents inside the shop, heaven. I loved to citrus one, the mandarin one,... I wanted them all. After sniffing 15 bars, I decided to get the Il Frutteto di Nesti Sapone con principio attivo - Fico e Latte di Mandorla (€3.50).

Zara // 

This is the first piece I bought when I was in Rome. It immediately caught my eye, the marble detailing. After a indecisive 20min in the fitting room, struggling to choose the white or the dark green version, my mom stood up and frankly said; 'Well, the dark green one is far more slimming on you,', which she meant in a nice way. So green it was! Since I couldn't figure out when sales whould be in Italy, I paid €19.99, no regrets. It has a nice stretchy material and is so comfortable! The only downside is that it creeps up a little when you start walking, haha! 

I picked this dress up as a joke to my mom, but she actually really liked it (yes I still need my mom's opion on what I buy for clothes, she is completely honest and blunt with me, go mom!). The dress is very fitting and is made out of this neopreen fabric, how trendy. I love the colour scheme and how they fade into eachother, fabulous! This was a sales item so I paid €25.99 instead of €39.95. 

Already spotted in Antwerp and on my wish-list, this gorgeous dark navy blue midi skirt (sale €19.99 instead of €39.99) with white flowers, sight. It ends around the middle of my calves, so I do have to wear heels with it, but it is just breathtakingly beautiful. A classic piece with a little twist, just how I like my clothing. And since I have been loving the bodycon/ pencil skirts lately, I could not pass this beauty up. Plus it is very comfortable to walk in since it has a little split in the back.

Love at first sight. I wanted a lace pencil skirt where the slip was a little shorter, so you also had a bit of skin peeping through underneath your lace. Boom, right on top of my wishes! I looooooove this piece! I saw it casual styled, updone,... million ways to go. I paid €19.99 instead of €49.95, what a bargain!

What have you been loving for this summer?

Bisous, S.