Sunday, June 29, 2014

Itchy, dry, white lines, desert-like, warm water hurts,... I have extremely dry legs, pfu.
Not really what you are looking for during summer. I too want to be able to rock these cute jeans shorts, dresses and skirts, without these sandpaper legs.
Here is how I take over control for soft silky legs.

Even when I moisturize my legs every night after my bath, the next day they are dry, itchy, white,... The horror. Fortunately Mascha, from Beautygloss knows the pain as well and shared her little trick with the world: soft legs for at least a week.

The Scrub - The first step to silky and soft legs is to scrub your legs. I like the ones from KRUIDVAT, since they are cheap and do the job (€2.99). But you can choose which one you like. This one is a more harsh scrub, I really like the feeling: clean!

The Shave - After the scrub you must shave those legs! This trick will not work as well when you are growing a little garden... 

The Baby Oil Dab - When you come out of the shower/ bath, your skin is wet and since people with extremely dry skin shouldn't rub their skin (damage control!). So you lightly dab the water of your legs, layer them up in baby oil and dab your legs again to take off any excess baby oil.

The Body Butter Slathering - Last step is to slather these legs in body butter. Any thick cream will work, so lotions are not "good" enough. 

Left: nothing // Right: the routine

I like to do this routine (without the shave) every Sunday: so I just have to slather my legs every night before bed with my body butter and my legs are warm-water-protected! Whoop whoop, go summer legs!

Bisous, S.