Sunday, March 30, 2014

Oh mascara, thé only make-up product (almost) every girl has. Why? "The eyes are the mirrors to your soul", so girls coat their lashes with this black substance to enhance our eye colour, lenght of our lashes, the shape of our eyes and use them to flirt away.

Men don't seem to get the difference that mascara can make. Ok, if you already have dark lashes, I get it. But for us blonde girls, it makes a major change! If I don't apply mascara, I seem to be sick (in my point of view), whereas a friend of mine with already thick black lashes seems to be a natural beauty, sight.
It is not that I will not leave the house without make-up (I drive around every morning in my pj's, no make-up and God knows what else), but it just makes me feel more confident (and pretty).

I like volume and length, lashes you can see from 'miles' away. Therefore I don't prefer drugstore or high-end mascara, if it does the job, it is all good for me.  But I do have three favourites that you can buy at the drugstore.

(That's a really really close close-up!) I first curled my lashes and tightlined my inner rim.
On the left I did nothing (no curling or tightlining). I have really short lashes and they are never in one direction!

THE ONE BY ONE VOLUME EXPRESS MASCARA in Satin Black BY MAYBELLINE (€ 14) is my holy grail. I will always have this by hand. I prefer Maybelline over L'Oréal mascara's, because Maybelline gives me length and volume, whereas L'Oréal is a pro in giving length. 

This mascara seperates my lashes beautifully, lengthens and gives volume in only two coats. I have good control over the wand whilst applying, so I don't smudge all over my eyelid and it holds my curl pretty well during the day. It has a plastic wand, which scares a lot of people, but the only difference I found between hair and plastic, is that hair may have a better grip to curl your lashes. 


I got THE VOLUME MILLION LASHES FROM L'OREAL (€ +- 13) in a goodiebag once and was really excited to try it out. One of my friends 'swears' by L'Oréal mascara's so I gave it a go. 

I love this mascara for the more 'I-don't-have-to-be-that-presentable-but-I-tried-my-best-days, so a Sunday basically. It gives, as you can see on the picture, a natural 'oomph' to your lashes. A little bit of length and just enough colour to not look sick (and to show that your mom did give you lashes when your were born). 
This is also a plastic wand, but the little 'arms' are a tad longer compared with One by One, so it is a bit easier to seperate your lashes. It also scores an A for not smudging during the day and whilst applying. 

THE ESSENCE GET BIG LASHES VOLUME BOOS MASCARA is the cheapest of the bunch (€ 2.39). The wand is made off hairs (not plastic) and as you may (or may not) see on the picture, the hairs are placed in little groups.

I really like this mascara because it does what 
it says: it gives volume. I do have to warn you that this mascara is made off a more 'wet' consistency, so it won't dry out as quickly, but it is also 'messier' to work with. 

It gives a similar result to the One by One mascara, but I do need more coats of the Essence mascara PLUS it is messier to work with. 

So, these are my three favourite mascara's. I am always looking for new ones or I just ask my friends to try new ones out and report back to me, so I don't end up with 50 mascara's!
I do like to spend a little bit more on a mascara (high street brands), but I do find myself always going back to more affordable options. I do not sh*t money, as my mom will always kindly remind me off.

Bisous, S.