Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lifestyle: Ballet

Hey guys!

Due to the fact I am having finals this month, I haven't been blogging. So I thought I'd do a small blog post about my ballet exam!

So I had my exam two weeks ago and I was sooooooo nervous! 
When I get concentrated I tend to forget to relax and enjoy it, so my teacher was standing in front of me smiling at me and making me smile (how sweet!). 

As you guys can see, the room was black and we had to wear black maillots and thights. 
You could barely  see us (hah!). I have exercise-induced asthma (because I forget to breath when I am concentrated, healthy...)
 and the room was hot
Like sauna-wise hot. I did the plié and was already dying (haha).

So now I am waiting for my results... 

I wish everybody good luck finishing their finals and see you next time!

Kisses, Shannen

Credit pictures: Stéphanie Morcel