Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Haircare - Shampoo and Conditioner

Hey guys, 

As we all long for that shiny, healthy hair I wanted to share my findings along my quest to the 'Holy Hairproducts at the Drugstore' for my hair! 

Most of the time I had/have long hair and as all the ladies know: long hair needs care! And besides drinking a lot of water and eating your veggies and fruits everyday, shampoo and conditioner are really important!

I have really thick hair and I am lucky to have really easy hair as well. I never use hot tools so my hair is never that damaged.

I've tried Garnier a couple of times and every time I really did like the shampoo and conditioner, but I wasn't amazed and didn't really see a big difference. Some of their products made my hair feel really really dry.

After Garnier I tried Elsève from L'Oréal. I used the Nutri-Gloss (my hair was so shiny, but I didn't like the scent), Total 5 Repair (really liked it! I saw a huge difference!) and the Anti-Break, which I also really liked. So I can say that I like these shampoos and conditioners, BUT I didn't feel like this was 'my shampoo'. My hair looked healthy and shiny, that wasn't the issue. But it felt a little dry, I don't really know how to explain the feeling (sorry!)...

So when I wasn't really convinced, I started using the Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends-products. I loved the smell! And I liked how my hair felt and looked. After a while using these products I started to dislike the scent so switched products again.

A friend of mine was talking about the Nivea-products and how muched she loved them. So I went to the drugstore and boughts the Diamond Gloss shampoo and conditioner. My hair looked amazing, but after one day my hair was greasy and looked like I had not washed it in 3 days. That was not exactly the look I was going for so I had to switch again!

Then I started using the Pantene-products. I loved them! My hair wasn't greasy after a day, it was shiny, healthy, not feeling dry,... I am still using them when I switch between my two favorite brands.

So my other favorite is Dove. I find that everybody is in love with one particular brand. Like I am a Dove-person and many of my best friends are Nivea-persons. I tried all of their shampoos and I loved them all! I am that kind of person who's too lazy to wash her hair everyday, so I wash it every two days. You can tell when I am not using Dove, I have second-day hair so much faster! That's why I love Dove: you cannot tell! PLUS my hair has never been so healthy, shiny and smooth before. 

As I go on vacation, I like to take big size bottles with me. My vacation-shampoo and conditioner are products from Syoss. I always choose a formula that's extra hydrating or something with oils. Besides Pantene and Dove, these products work as well for my hair. Although I have to use more masks to keep it soft.

This was my quest for shampoo and conditioner! I think I'll do a 'Haircare' very soon telling you which products I use and how I like to use them! 

Kisses, Shannen