Monday, November 16, 2015

ELLE already showed a few ways on how to wear this new trend, 'Yeti' coats. 
All very pleasing to my eye, but I wanted to show you my own styling.
Take notes (haha!)

First note: This was the first time a contacted a pr-agency to see if I could borrow some pieces to shoot. Pressure was on.

I love how warm this coat is. Guys might not warm up to it, but come on, the fluff factor is high. I wanted to pet and cuddle myself the whole time during this shoot, haha! 

The Yeti-coat is from Just in Case and is just a gorgeous piece. Big pockets, nice lining and the inside is lined with some kind of brown leather. It just feels really luxurious.

I decided to style this huge cuddly piece with a feminine touch, layering a negligé underneath a big chunky sweater. I added some over the knee socks and some little booties with gold details, and my work was done.

I think the look is feminine, maybe a little sexy with the negligé. But it still is playful and semi-casual with the Yeti-coat added on top. I love monochrome looks, so this look rocks my boat all the way.

Another way on how I would style this fluffy monster is to add a pair of boyfriend jeans and a fun colourful sweater with heels or some sneakers. This look is more casual and perhaps more I-could-go-to-school-in-this. Although I would totally wear the monochrome look to Uni. 

Outfit details //
Negligé - Calvin Klein
Sweater - Zara
Socks - H&M
Boots - Ken Shoe Fashion
Coat - Just in Case 

How would you style this gem?

Bisous S, X.