Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Beauty Bag or also known as The Holy Grail to Women. 
Ok, not every girl has a makeup bag full of makeup, I do realize that there are women who just use mascara or a lip balm, no biggie. 
But with so many products to use, so many different people and so many options, why not share it all? 
See it as a guideline through the Jungle of Makeup Shopping.

I did my first 'The Beauty Bag' a few months ago and then I fell of the grid (not in the fugitive kind of way). One of my best friends Eva was the first to take the plunge, and she did amazingly well (you can read it here). 

Now it is up to Florence: a 1m60 ball of fire. Believe me, she has a razor-sharp tongue, but as sharp her tongue is, as loving she is. With a love for food, laughing, traveling and shopping it isn't hard to like this ball of energy. 

Flo is someone who rocks a natural look, not much fuss or glamour. But when glamour is needed, she becomes breathtakingly gorgeous (I saw her makeup for a wedding, GOD).

Base - GARNIER BB Cream Original in 'Light' // Just a simple BB cream to even out her complexion, but not to heavy of coverage to keep it natural. It doesn't feel sticky, heavy on the skin or clings to dry patches. Perfect for her dry skin.

Bronzer - KIKO Bronzer in '01 Forward Sienna' // Well, as you can see, this bronzer is well-loved. You can't really tell how it used to look like, but it is the bronzer with the three shades of brown. As a lot of girls, Flo loves Kiko as well. It is affordable, it does the job and it has pretty good packaging. Flo even dares to go further and says it is a pretty good comparable brand for MAC. She loves how this bronzer brings some life back and some depth after using her BB cream to even her complexion. 

Waterline - GOSH Forever Metallic Eye Shadow Stick in '02 Beige' //  Since the stick is waterproof, it is perfect to use in the waterline. As I swatched the stick on my hand, I could tell it wasn't over the top glitter or even metallic, but gives a really nice highlight in the inner corners and brightens the eyes easily. 

Lashes - KIKO 'Luxurious Lashes' Mascara //  Flo is born with long lashes, the lucky number. Since length is no question, she focuses on volume. The plastic wand grabs the lashes easily and coats them without really clumping them for that butterfly effect. The only downside is the fall out on the bottom lashes.

Lips - CLINIQUE Chubby Stick in '08 Graped Up' // Clinique is well known for these amazing chubby sticks. They work like a tinted lip balm, with a lot of tint. You can build these up for a more high pigmentation, but if you like the more natural tinted lips, you can apply a sheer layer. It is subtle, it lasts pretty long and as it should be, it moisturizes the lips.

You don't need a lot of products to achieve a gorgeous natural look. I have to admit that this is a really good makeup bag filled with essentials! I am loving all of her products, all fuss free and do what they are marketed for.

What products would you like to try?

Bisous, S., X.