Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Strobing, THE new makeup look to wear this Summer.
To me, it sounded like a very unpleasant new sport, less is true. 
This new way of contouring will bring out the inner glow and Parisienne in you. 
It's meant to be simple, flawless, subtle,... everything your standard contour isn't. 
Men, beware, "Au Naturel" has arrived...


What? // Strobing is using highlight to 'contour' the face. Instead of going in with your usual contour under your cheekbones, you apply highlighter down the center of your face, cheekbones and  jawline. Oh yes, inner glow cheating. 

As every girl in the world, I wish I was as fashionable and gorgeous as Parisian women. Casual, easy and elegant, that's all you need. Only one concern: I have oily skin, so why, in the name of Beauty, will I ever use highlight on my T-zone? "Au secours"!

Products you'll need: // I used a liquid highlighter (Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer from L'Oréal) as a base and set the highlighted places with a powder highlighter.

For brushes, it's up to what you like. A fan brush will give you a subtle and soft look, whilst a dual fibre brush will also give you a subtle look, but is easier to build pigmentation with.

Where? // Apply your favourite highlighter down your T-zone, on your cheekbones and on your jawline. 

To all my oily girls: use a mattifying primer and foundation/ BB creme or tinted moisturizer targeting oily skin. This will help during the day to keep the disco ball from happening...

Et voilà! // Strobing done - easy peasy! This is definitively a Summer look, glowly and healthy! Just don't go overboard on the highlight, strobing doesn't mean glitter party. I used a soft hand and blended it all in with a damp sponge (Real Techniques/ Beauty Blender/...). I did set my makeup with the MAC Fix Plus Spray, to get a more 'wet' look.

The verdict? //It is without a doubt easier than doing a contour. No fuss finding the right shade, no fuss blending those harsh lines and no fear of ending your carefully applied makeup session looking like a creepy doll.