Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dear ESSIE nail polishes, Queen of the Drugstore options,
I hereby write you to express my love.
I arrived at the Palace, 'Kruidvat', and overthrew your guards.
You swept me off my feet and now there is no way,
I will ever let you go.

We have all heard of ESSIE before, they are among the favourites of beauty bloggers. Not only the formulation appears to be incredible, but also the simple and sleek packaging is a selling point. They just look good, don't they?

As I squeaked when I saw the '%-off-sign', I grabbed these 4: A clear base, 'Meet Me At Sunset', 'Chinchilly' and 'Maximillian Strasse Her'. Happy with my Summer colour and two every-season-appropriated, I went home, put them on my vanity and started the gazing contest.

The Ridge Filling Base // It helps you with discolouration and fills in the ridges for a smoother base. The pink shade seems like it will give a lot of colour, but actually really does 'smooth things out'. My nails look healthier than ever and the base lasts for a good week without going yucky.

Meet Me At Sunset //  This colour reminded me a lot of a nail polish my chummy would wear; she looooves a good orange-red! Since I didn't have one in my collection yet, I decided to pick it up. I have no regrets, it is gorgeous. 

PLUS Essie nail polishes could go with only one coat. The brush is nice and wide, so it is easy to apply on both hands. Even the lasting power is a good 3-4 days without chipping.

Chinchilly // Coolest name ever.I always wanted a grey polish, but could never decide what shade to get. Haha yes, Fifty shades of Grey. I love the warmth and darkness of this grey!

Maximillian Strasse Her // This is one of the cult colours. Every women and their dog love this one. And now, I get the fuss. I am obsessed. In love. Addicted. 
In the picture it looks like your normal, everyday grey. BUT less is true, on your nails it's a gorgeous mix of grey, green and a hint of blue. I have no words...

Well, I have to admit: YOU NEED ESSIE IN YOUR LIFE. The only thing holding me back on getting more is the price tag: €12/ nail polish. Yep, the cheapeo in me is not so convinced, but if I keep seeing them for half off, I won't be responsible for the consequences.

What are your favourite colours? Or even brand(s)?