Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ooooh mighty Zoeva, Queen of Affordable Quality Brushes, You have done it again.
I have to admit that this little crease wonder, is my first ever Zoeva brush.  BUT I am completely head over heals in love already...
So all smokey eyes gals, this is for you.

It is either Real Techniques or Zoeva who roam the beauty blogs. And now I get the buzz. God, what gorgeous craftsmanship right here. When I saw 'Douglas' in Berlin had a ZOEVA Brush stand, I actually considered going bankrupt to get all of them. 

I guess we are all familiar with bunnies, I hope. Well, the hairs are as soft as a bunnies little fluffy round tail. Yes, you read that correctly, as soft. I could stroke my face with this brush whole days and be the happiest girl on the planet, but let's not. 

I chose this little gem for €8 to take home with me and start my Zoeva-brush-family (still have to come up with a catchier name). In one of Desi Perkins makeup tutorials, a Morphe brush was used to define the crease and blend things out. This 228 Crease Brush has the exact same shape and by listening to Desi, I needed this in my life, apparently. The tip of the brush makes it easier to get the eyeshadow in the exact spot, without having the usual harsh line when you use a denser crease brush. Because it is fluffy and soft, you are able to blend your eyeshadow all at once. 

Although it is fluffy and soft, your eyeshadow has a nice grip. Plus because of the tapered end, you can do much more precise blending! This one get's a definite approval. I used it today to blend some black eyeshadow in my crease and just a little blending; Tadaa puurr-fect. 

I payed €8, but you can also buy Zoeva online: or on many other beauty websites! 

What are your favourite Zoeva brushes?
P.S. Doutzen Kroes was not harmed in the picture taking proces.