Sunday, November 23, 2014

Oh weekend, time of the week where laziness kicks in. Well at least that's my case. Too lazy to wash my hair, too lazy to get out of my pj's, too lazy to get some things done. 
BUT I am never too lazy for some pampering!
This weekend pamper routine is focused on getting glowing and hydrated skin! 

First on the list; find some fluffy socks, a thick jumper and put on some Michael Buble Christmas CD. Oh yes, I have had his CD on repeat for the last 2 weeks already, the feels and needs.

The following steps are my little routine and sometimes I will slap on a face mask. The products that I am currently using work, but I am planning to change up when I run out to less chemical products.

Step 1 - Coconut Oil Cleanse and Massage

Coconut oil is very hydrating and has of course many beauty uses! As I am not the best 'drinker' in the world, I have to cheat a little more hydration, busted. I love using coconut oil since it is so easy to use and since it is a all natural product. 

I warm up the product in my hands and when the coconut oil turns into actual oil, I start massaging my face for at least 10 minutes. This is soooo relaxing, you have no idea! And all the circling, pressing and squeezing will stimulate your blood circulation and loosen up those face muscles. PLUS you are actually having a hydrating face mask at the same time!

Step 2 - Rinse with warm water

I love to rinse my face with some warm water, just to get the excess oil and the possible 'dirt' from my face! It really opens up the pores for the next steps!

Step 3 - Face Wash

A week ago I bought this Konjac sponge, after reading about it in ELLE. It is a all natural sponge that helps with deep cleaning your pores and for gentle exfoliation. So far I have been really liking it instead of my brush (which actually broke...).

The sponge is really hard, so you have to run it under water for a couple of minutes before using it. I use one pomp of my Vichy Normaderm Face Wash , and start 'washing' my face! I have been using this face wash for years and I love it! It helped me a lot with keeping spots away! 

The only danger in using a konjac sponge is the fact that is so soft, you could "over wash" your face really quick! Too long for that matter, but I haven't had issues yet!

Step 4 - Moisten and Relax 

After getting all the soap of my face, I love to dampen a cloth with some warm water and lay the cloth on my face. This is heavenly... instant relaxation, check!

Step 5 - Toner, get your pH back on!

Just to get the pH-levels in your skin back to normal, you always have to apply a toner. I use micellar water in the morning (most gentle option) and the Vichy Normaderm Tonic in the evening. I have been really loving both!

Step 6 - Serum

Serums are incredible bases for your moisturizers! They prep your skin and boost the capacities of your moisturizer! When Kruidvat launched their new Skin Science-line, I picked the cleansing oil and this Beautifying Elixer up. I haven't seen incredible changes to my skin, so I don't feel like this is a product I absolutely need. I am looking for another one to try out! 

It is really comfortable and feels nice and fresh. Plus I really like the little pipette! But like I said, no major changes have occured...

I apply one pipette and dab the serum on my face and neck. This one is a little sticky, but 'dries' quickly!

Step 7 - Eye Cream

Yes I know, I am twenty and why should we use an eye cream? Well one, it really helped me 'clear up' my dark circles (it really does!) and secondly your under eyes have 'different' skin then your face. I have noticed that since I started applying eye cream day and night, my concealer went on easier and my under eye skin is softer! So, go eye cream!

I use a simple hydrating one from Kruidvat at the moment, because I don't need all that fuss already. It is really important to use your ring finger, since it gives the least pressure and apply in inwards circling motions. This will stimulate your blood circulation and help with dark circles.

Step 8 - Moisture Attack

I love to 'rise' moisture levels at weekends, so I have been mixing my daily Garnier Hydra Match with a hint of the Elizabeth Arden 8H Cream. God, this is instant glow and healthy skin! Plus I really like the scent of the Elizabeth Arden cream, it reminds me of eucalyptus. 

Now all you have to do, is apply your mixture on your face and neck! 

Tadaa done! Pampering at weekend; check!

What products do you use at weekends? What would you recommend?