Sunday, November 16, 2014

Contouring, the cheap face job and you are your own plastic surgeon.
Slimmer nose, smaller forehead, stronger jawline, higher cheekbones,... Everything is possible with some brushes and some bronzer.
BUT, as easy as it sounds, you can easily end up looking like a Oompa Loompa.
I do a subtle contour almost everyday and my friends tell me most of times how 'natural' it looks. 
So, here is how I like to contour!

I already have pretty strong features, like a noticable jawline and 'high' cheekbones. But I have to say, that a little and subtle contour, makes me feel like a Russian Topmodel!

The Brushes //

I have a few brushes that I like to use, all for different tasks and purposes! I know MAC, NARS, H&M and HEMA sell a 'Contour/Bronzer Brush', but I really like the result these give.
I use a blending brush from HEMA for my base contour, because it is so small and fluffy, it really fits right underneath my cheekbones and doesn't go to low on the cheek. I will explain in a second.
Second of all, I like using this powder brush by ESSENCE to blend and smoke the base out. Or you can use a fluffy kabuki, like this adorable one from H&M to blend everything. Or you can always use this amazing Face Expert Brush by REAL TECHNIQUES, which fits right in the hollows of your cheeks!

Key is, the fluffier the brush is for blending, the most natural your result will be!

The Contour Options //

For a day to day and really subtle natural contour, I like to use a powder. But for those hot and melting Summer days, a cream bronzer is really useful! When choosing your contour product, make sure the colour isn't too orange! Like I said, you can go Oompa Loompa really fast. 

The best colour for contour is the more ashy/ greyish brown, since it gives the most natural "shadow". A more warm and brown colour, will look a tad more bronzed up, than contoured. BUT, I can work with it and I will tell you how!

A real favourite for contouring is the HOOLA Bronzer from BENEFIT, but for me, it is a tad too pricey.

Now let's get started, shall we?

Step 1: Find your features

Wait what? Find them? Some people have a noticable line and some don't. I do have a line, so in the beginning I just made a fish face, but I wouldn't recommend that now...

What I like to do, is find my cheekbone and follow that bone 'till the end. This is your guide for your contour. If you do this, you will enhance those high cheekbones.

OR you can find the beginning of your cheekbone and when you start contouring, just drag the line more downwards and not stay under your cheekbone. This will give you those strong Russian jawlines!

Option 1 - Cream Contour

Quick option, but also the most dangerous one in my opion! Just draw lines where you want to contour and start really blending it out! 

Tip! When blending underneath your cheekbone, ALWAYS BLEND UPWARDS! This will lift your face! If you blend too much downwards, you will weight down your cheeks...

Option 2 - Subtle Powder Contour

This is what I like to do, if I feel like making an effort. 

I take my blending brush and stay right underneath my cheekbone 'till the end, BUT make sure you don't pass your imaginary line that comes down from the outher corners of your eyes. This will keep things natural, but if you feel like a strong contour and strong cheekbone, than stop at the middle of your eye. Do not trespass the line!

Then I take a fluffy brush, and blend the line upwards. Just keep doing this, untill all harsh lines are blended out! 

This step is optional, but I like to dab over the edges with this kabuki brush, just to make sure everything is blended in nicely! 

Tadaa! Contour Done!

What About Blush?

Blush, can make it or break it for me. On the left I applied blush on the apple of my cheeks and on the right I stayed behind my imaginary line coming down from the outher corner of my eyes. 

Can you see the huge difference?! When applying blush on the apple of your cheeks, you will drag your face down. And when you have chubbier cheeks, you will only make your face heavier and rounder. So I like to stay behind the line, because it opens up the face and lifts everythings a little bit more!

Blush Option 1 - The Apple

BUT for the girls with a very square or small face, you could apply blush on the apples of your cheeks, just to give your face some more face and definition! Most people like to smile, so the apple will pop out and you can apply the blush right on the spot. BUT DON'T, when you stop smiling, the blush will be applied to low and this will drag your face down. So try to apply your blush with a straight face or smile really softly, so the features of your apple will be more noticable.

Blush Option 2 - High Up Those Cheeks

My personal favourite way to apply blush, plus it will enhance those new enhanced cheekbones! 

I hope you found this post helpful and be sure to leave your tips and tricks down below!