Monday, April 22, 2013

Skincare routine

Hey guys!

This is my daily skincare routine:

Before I started using Vichy-products, I used the Clinique 3-steps skincare routine (cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing). When I finished the Clinique-products (I really liked them) I started trying the Vichy-products because they were a little bit cheaper! Although they are cheaper, they are as good as the Clinique ones.

First I like to take my make-up of with this make-up remover. I literally tried so many! My eyes would feel dry, sticky and they would make me cry! Then I got this make-up remover as a sample. I just love it! It smells great and it doesn't make my eyes dry or sticky at all!

In the evening after taking of my make-up, I like to use this face wash in the shower. It is a very gentle cleaning gel for sensitive skin. It deeply purifies your skin to help combat any acne. After using this cleaning gel, my face feels pure, fresh and clean again after a long day.

In the morning and in the evening after my shower I like to use this purifying astringent lotion. This lotion just helps me get rid of any grease left on my skin and all the filthiness my skin 
has absorbed during the day. 
The combo of the cleaning gel and the lotion really helped me control my acne. 
I had a terrible skin during my adolescent years! But after I started using the 
Clinique-products and Vichy-products I finally got a grip!  

In the morning after using my purifying astringent lotion I apply my moisturizer. I am currently using the Sephora one, which I really like. After applying it, it immediately sinks  into your skin, unlike the Clinique moisturizer which always used to leave a sticky layer behind. The Sephora moisturizer makes your skin feel like a babies bottom, so soft!

So this is my daily skincare routine. I hoped you enjoyed it and that it helped you!

Kisses, Shannen.